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Chioma Akuezue

Chioma Akuezue is an extraordinary artist from Nigeria waiting for the release of her self-titled debut album and she combined Rap, R’n’B and Gospel to an interesting and powerful mixture. We had the chance to schedule a first interview as a start …. to be continued … 🙂

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo 1 by courtesy of Chiome, screen-shots taken by her first video „Enemies“ Hi Chioma, how are you? You recorded your first, self-titled album that’s going to be released this March. How excited are you?

Chioma: I’m doing fine, thanks. Yes am extremely excited and looking forward to the release in March, it has been a wonderful experience having worked on this
album, I have learnt alot about myself. It’s hard to put your ten songs in one category … you musically vary. Is this a special element of your own style?

Chioma: (laughing) I see your point, my music is quite versatile, I could have sticked to a particular style, but I saw that actually my style varies, so I decided
for my first Album to show how versatile I can be, it is a special element of my own style. Do you have musical idols, possibly some female rappers?

Chioma: I do not really have musical idols, but I admire artists like Jay Z, Lil Kim, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Sade, and Beyoncé for their consistent hard
work. How important was the church, the gospel choir for your musical development?

Chioma: The church has been a part of myself since early child hood, my parents are “very catholic”, and being member in the choir influenced me alot to sing, I loved singing right from childhood, I feel that I can express myself better with music. Your family used to escape from the Islamic North of Nigeria … do your songs deal with this or what are your lyrics almost about?

Chioma: My songs definitely revolves around me, talking about experiences with me and around me, my lyrics are mostly about hate, enemies, jealousy, people
who do not want to see you doing good, lack of love and so on. Do you still live in Nigeria?

Chioma: No, now I live in Germany (laughing). What are your plans to promote the album? Videos? A club tour?

Chioma: I have my promo team who are currently busy promoting my album, and also we have some videos for the album. „Enemies“ is already on youtube.
And for the club tour my booking agent is working on it. I’m very excited. Thank you very much …

Chioma: You’re welcome


Chioma Enemies

Chioma at entertaimnet

Chioma Akuezue at entertaimnet