DON BROCO / Definitely recommended!/

There’s a bunch of new bands coming from the UK, starting their career at the same point with their first album. DON BROCO is one of those promising new acts, and like their friends and label mates from DRY THE RIVER, the are ready to explore the countries outside the UK. Their first album “Priority” will be released in Germany in January, so up to this interview they are very unknown in Germany. While stopping in Cologne during their tour supporting the YOUNG GUNS,  talked to Rob Damiani (vocals) and Simon Delaney (guitar) right after their show at the Luxor.

Interview + photo by Martin Hannig How was the gig?

DON BROCO: Really cool. It was one of the shows that were so dark, and you couldn’t see how many were in, and suddenly came the lights and it was quite full. Now this is the first European tour for you, must be amazing to travel all over Europe ….

DON BROCO: Yeah it’s the first time ever we play outside the UK! Actually we finished in Germany. YOUNG GUNS will carry on to Italy. Unfortunately we can’t do these gigs because we go back to the UK to join BILLY TALENT. So you’ve been to Spain, to Switzerland, and now to Germany. What are your impressions?

DON BROCO: We’ve loved it. The crowd is the best in Europe. France was really good, Spain was really good but in Germany  the reaction and the atmosphere in the show was a lot better. People were very accepting. They been really good to us. Sometimes we go on stage, people keeps their arms crossed, don’t know what to expect. But by the end of the show they all were jumping around. I think you are very unknown here in Germany. I didn’t even find any german website with interesting informations about DON BROCO.

DON BROCO: (laughs) Definitely very unknown, yes. So it’s definitely a good sign to get the people dancing. Is it ok for you to tour with the YOUNG GUNS?

DON BROCO: Oh yes. They are brilliant guys and so welcoming on tour. We were friends with the YOUNG GUNS before we came out. It was very nice to go to Europe with a band you know, so they can show us the road. So there are no hard fights like “the support act don’t get the lights!”

DON BROCO: (laughs) no… … like in this film from the 80s, SPINAL TAP….

DON BROCO: (laughs louder) I’m gonna see a SPINAL TAP like band tomorrow. This glam metal comedy act from the USA…


DON BROCO: We see them! They are from LA and they used to play at the Sunset Strip. They live that lifestyle. They started as a a cover band and then they started to do their own songs. I guess it’s a joke, right?

DON BROCO: Oh ya. But they are really really good musicians! So good. Listening to your songs, like “Hold On”, for me after a few seconds of listening, it’s 100% British, it must be from England. The harmonies, the singing, and in the video even the styling, your hair and clothes. Do you stand as a representative for British music?

DON BROCO: Well it comes out quite naturally. It’s how we dress at home. Ya, it’s a very English thing, and we are proud of where we come from. You know, with this british accent. It’s very honest. There was a split in your band recently. Your bass player went away. He was there from the start, right? So what happened?

DON BROCO: We had our album recorded. We talked to different people and we were offered a record deal. We were very excited, but it really changed our life. We  had to leave our jobs. Rob was doing something part time, in the same time committing 100% to the band. Luke was very happy for us but he didn’t wanna go down the path with us. Constantly touring is tough, you are away from home all the time … We were very unlucky, but we are very lucky to have Tom, a perfect replacement. It’s hard to part, right?

DON BROCO: Yeah. But he’s very nice, keeps coming to our gigs. He’s still very much part of this bands spirit. We are still friends anyway…

rock music is alive and well in Germany… If you would talk to a German music lover and he would ask you “Why should I buy your new album ‘Priority’?” What would you say?

DON BROCO: What we know from our experiences here: rock music is alive and well in Germany. The good thing and bad thing in England, there’s so much different music around. You really have to make your mark to be different. In Germany people are lot more willing to listen to good rock music. If you’re a fan of rock and pop music, if you love catchy songs, that you gonna listen to maybe once, and you know if you like it or not, than Priority is the right album for you. On the record we enjoy experimenting with different things, we don’t write the same song over and over again. If you like different styles and songs you got a lot for your money. Definitely recommended!! (laughs) What are your plans for the rest of 2012 and for 2013?

DON BROCO: The rest of the year we go straight back to the UK and play with BILLY TALENT which is a dream come true, we love them. They are a very big band in the UK and they will play big venues. After that we will have time around Xmas to write  some new songs. In the beginning of next year we’re gonna tour around the UK. It’s our first headline tour of our own! Did you ever thought of going to the USA?

DON BROCO: Hopefully we going to the USA next year. And hopefully we gonna com back to Europe as well, especially to Germany. We don’t wanna people forget about us. We wanna come back and keep strong in peoples minds!