Cheryl Martinez / Miss Sex Appeal / Hurricane Sandy, High Heels and Mister Right

Cheryl Martinez / interview by Dennis Rowehl

Workaholic Cheryl Martinez, adorable entrepreneuse, model, singer, actress and fashion designer, used to be one of millions of people in NY when Hurricane Sandy devastated the city. After a short report she told about her latest plans regarding her new fashion label, her musical career and how important High Heels are to infatuate the the „stronger sex“.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photos: J.N. Silva (above) / SKHRKV (by courtesy of Cheryl Martinez) Hi Cheryl. First of all … have you been in New York City while Hurricane Sandy came ashore?

Cheryl: I literally just got back to NY from my year long MSA Album Tour a few days before Hurricane Sandy hit … what a welcome home! I live very close to the crane that broke on 57th street so my building was forced to evacuate for an entire week. You could see the dangling crane from my bedroom window. I personally only evacuated the night of the hurricane, and then I snuck in and out of my building through a supermarket basement that connects with my basement … (laughing) I had to walk through some garbage but oh well. I will gladly waive my performance fee to do any charity concerts where the proceeds support those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The last interview we used to have right after your album release of „Miss Sex Appeal“? Are you happy with the performances and the album sales and downloads yet?

Cheryl: I feel so blessed with the incredible support I’ve received and continue to receive on my debut album from my fans all over the world. You can see performance videos from my International MSA Tour at Are you working on new tracks?

Cheryl: While I was on Tour, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented dance, house, and trance producers. Here I discovered my true passion for electronic music and you will hear a lot of that on my next album! My new music from Spain is on regular rotation on Mix Madrid FM Radio. My hit single from India can be downloaded for free at As a workaholic you’re still doing the Big Apple Dancers and your own fashion label GlitteratiBody. Do you personally design all the bras and stuff or do you have designers you cooperate with?

Cheryl: Of course the Big Apple Dancers are still performing with me, and we are very proud to announce the release of our 2013 Calendar available at A portion of the proceeds support animal charities, and it makes a great gift for the holidays! Glitterati Body Fashion is starting to get recognized internationally as we just sent out a shipment to Spain, and very soon you will begin to see our custom designed products in boutiques on Champs-Elysees in Paris. Do you have some current projects as an actress?

Cheryl: As you can see on my resume, acting has always been a big part of my life. I have been offered a few more roles this year, but right now all of my focus has been on my music career. If the right role/opportunity comes along, I will definitely consider it! I just checked out your video „Make him say“ again. Honestly … is this really what life’s about? Glamour, jewelry and big cars?  (laughing)

Cheryl: (laughing) Of course that’s not what life is about but unfortunately that’s what sells in the entertainment industry. All of the traveling I’ve done this year has really opened up my mind and soul to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. As I grow as a person I also grow as a songwriter, and you will see my new life perspectives portrayed in the lyrics of my new music. After checking out my fashion line it is obvious that I love glitz and glam, but life itself is a beautiful gift from god and no amount of jewelry or cars could ever fulfill you. I believe that true happiness in life comes from the time you spend with the people you love, not from material things. … what leads me to the next question: What do you expect from a man or what is more attractive to you? Intellect, just a bunch of muscles or ….  ?

Cheryl: To be completely honest with you, I always thought I needed a man with abs (laughing) but once I did some serious soul-searching my priorities changed. Now that I’ve found myself and am happy with the person I am inside, I realized what’s important to me in choosing a partner. My partner should be my best friend, he should share my passions and interests and we should care for and support each other always. No real attraction can be built based on muscles (smiling). Are there any plans to come over to Germany? Possibly as singer or with the Big Apple Dancers?

Cheryl: Germany was the first country outside the USA to support my music career and I will never forget that. I really hope to come perform there soon, I’m just waiting for the right booking, so spread the word! I’m so excited to meet some of my Germany fans in person so I can show them how much I appreciate their continued support! Finally, how important are high heels for a beautiful woman to be successful?

Cheryl: I love your interview questions, Dennis! (laughing) My grandmother (whom I dedicated my debut album to) is almost 80 years old, and she still prefers to wear her high heels over flats! I think that says it all!!! Absolutely (laughing). Cheryl, thank you so far … always a pleasure. Hopefully you’ll show up in Germany soon …

Cheryl: Thank you, Dennis.

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Cheryl Martinez / Interview by Dennis Rowehl

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