JESSICA LYNN / The new „Shania Twain“

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She might be the new „Shania Twain“. Jessica Lynn, the brand new Country Star from the US, finally released her debut EP and got ready for Europe. We had the chance to talk to her about the European Tour, terrorist attacks and musical idols …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / photo by courtesy of Gordeon Music Hello Jessica, soon you’ll start your European Tour. I guess, it’s the first one, isn’t it? How does it feel, are you a little bit excited?

Jessica: I am so incredibly excited to start this European tour. It is my first large-scale tour overseas … yes! I was just in Belgium recording my brand new EP and toured in France last May and I am truly in love with Europe. The people, the scenery, everything. I am nervous to leave the USA for so long but I am really looking forward to all of the adventures my band and I will have! A really sad question: Are you also a little scared because of terrorist attacks in Europe?

Jessica: I am not scared. What has been happening is horrific and upsetting but if you spend your whole life being afraid of what could happen, you will never be brave enough to try new things and get out and enjoy life. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the terrorist attacks and I hope that there are much better days ahead. Music and concerts can be incredibly uplifting and I feel really happy that I can come to Europe to perform. In the US you’re getting huge and people say that you’re the next Shania Twain. How does this feel?

Jessica: Thank you so much. I was always a very big Shania Twain fan, ever since I was a little girl, so the comparison is such a huge compliment to me! It feels like a dream come true to be held in such high regard and it is such an honor. You play modern Country with some Pop influences such as Carrie Underwood. Do you also listen to this kind of music at home … and do you also have musical idols?

Jessica: I have a very broad and eclectic taste in music and have, probably, very unlikely „idols“ for a country music singer / songwriter. I am a massive Beach Boys fan, I love Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Frankie Vallie, No Doubt, and Richard Marx. They were my biggest influences growing up. I loved the stories they told in their songwriting and the passion they have when performing. In the country world, as I mentioned I always loved Shania Twain, but also was very influenced by Phil Vassar growing up, and now one of my favorites is Blake Shelton. At home, I listen to everything and anything! In Europe Country music is not as HUGE as in North America. What was the reason for a European Tour?

Jessica: My music is also very pop and rock as well as country, and I was so excited to be well-recieved in France last year during my first European mini-tour. I fell in love with Europe and with the music scene and the people and I wanted to come back in the worst way. We were able to book a bunch of large country music festivals as well as concerts such as The ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix – Nürburgring, an opening date for ZZ Top, as well as a few multi-genre festivals and events and it seemed that my crossover style and unique brand of country music was enabling me to return on a bigger scale. In March of this year, I also had the opportunity to record my new EP that just came out in Europe with a very well-known and acclaimed Belgian Producer, Patrick Hamilton, who is a wonderful person as well as a great talent, and it all just added up and led me back overseas. I feel very blessed to have such an exciting summer ahead of me. I have never been to Italy, Germany, The Netherlands or the U.K. before so I cannot wait! Unfortunately in Germany you just released mp3s yet? When are you going to release an entire album as CD or Vinyl? by the way …. do you like albums on vinyl?

Jessica: I did just release the EP to all digital stores and I will be releasing each song off the EP as a single, and do hope to record a full length album in the near future. When I came to Belgium to write and record this release, we did write other music that we are saving for the full-length album. This EP was my first release internationally so we wanted to create a shorter CD to start. I don’t currently have a record player so I wish I knew more about Vinyl, but I do remember my parents playing their records when I was a kid and loving the sound. I definitely see why people LOVE vinyl: it is like a whole music listening experience. Thank you very much.

Jessica: You’re welcome, Dennis.