Mark Tremonti / Workaholic of Rock / Tremonti Solo Tour and a new Alter Bridge album

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CREED, ALTER BRIDGE, TREMONTI … Mark Tremonti is always a busy musician, while touring with his solo project he’s still working on new material for another Alter Bridge album. talked to the brilliant guitarist with a unique sound about the difference between his three bands, his special guitar sound, food and the future.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Ashley Maile Hi Mark, how are you doing? Last year you’ve released your first debut solo album. How was the feedback so far?

Mark Tremonti: I’m doing fine, Dennis. Thanks. The feedback on the album was absolutely amazing and we’re really excited. So, we already decided to do a second Tremonti album. You’re still promoting the solo album. Is it hard on stage as the lead singer and also lead guitarist?

M.T.: (laughing) Yeah, it’s new and different. I still figure it out to handle both and also the communication with the audience. I’m still learning but it’s getting better every show. The solo album is different from ALTER BRIDGE and CREED but not that different, so it’s still the same kind of music, even more rough and a little harder. Have you never thought about trying something really different like combining different genres of music … maybe even Metalcore or Thrash?

M.T.: You’re right. The album is harder and we tried to make it really different … as much as possible … and even heavier but I also love the melodic touch that it’s still Mark Tremonti. So no screams etc. … Miles is on tour with SLASH, you play a solo tour … aren’t the ALTER BRIDGE fans a little confused?

M.T.: Absolutely not. Our fans are always aware of what we’re doing? We all have projects but we still have ALTER BRIDGE. Besides, this April we’ll go into the studio to produce a new ALTER BRIDGE album. We’re always in the process of writing new songs and now it’s time for the new album. So, you won’t play any festivals this summer … with TREMONTI or AB?

M.T.: No, unfortunately not. We’ll concentrate upon doing the new album and I think we’ll be on tour with AB this fall to promote it then. The 80s used to be a great time for brilliant guitarists like Steve Vai, Jake E Lee, Akira Takasaki, Brad Gillis etc. … the 90s and the new century did not invent that many guitar heroes except  – maybe –  you and Wes Borland who really have a special and unique sound? How did you create your style?

M.T.: Honestly, I never really learned to play other people’s songs, so I wrote own songs, experimented with different tunes, sounds and more and so I got my own sound. How many hours a day you play guitar?

M.T.: It depends on where I am. While touring about 4 hours, when I’m at home at least half an hour or maybe an hour. While touring do you have time for sight-seeing etc?

M.T.: Usually not that much, it depends on where the hotel is located … if we stay in the city of course we’ll visit some sights but usually we are busy with press appointments, the shows and I spend much time to write new material. How to you keep yourself healthy and in a good condition?

M.T.: (laughing) That’s not that easy on tour … I try to live as healthy as possible but I tell you, this can be hard … Why? So much beer?

M.T.: Yes, beer, pizza, late night eating and no exercises! But when I’m back home I live healthy, my wife cooks healthy food … Mark, thank you very much and I guess we’ll meet the next time you’re on tour with ALTER BRIDGE ..

M.T.: I guess so. Thanks …