UMA / A new style, a new beginning

UMA aka Urska Majdic, singer of the famous Slovenian Rock band Billysi, strikes again by exploring new musical ways. She released her new debut album combining different musical styles from Pop to Jazz. We talked to her about her new band or solo project UMA (…) –  check out the interview to find out.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of UMA Hi Urska, you just released your first UMA-album, unfortunately I cannot understand Slovenian, so please explain if UMA’s your new artist name or the name of your new band?

UMA: Hi, Dennis! UMA is my artist name since working on this „Infinite Album of A Soul“ ( Neskončni album Duša), but it’s also the name of my band. Ah okay. The album is pretty awesome but totally different from what you did before with BILLYSI and very diversified from Jazz to Blues and back to Pop/Rock. Why did you change your musical style?

UMA: Thanks! Actually I’ve done other styles before but never in such a range. A few years ago I even did a big solo concert called *JazzPopMagic* with an orchestra, which was amazing. I also made a few other projects but still – everybody remembered me from my poprock band Billysi. It’s understandable since I’ve been in Billysi since 2001 and made 4 albums. My music taste is open .. It’s not the genre – it’s the feeling, the energy it gives you. Most of the songs are written in Slovenian and some in English. So do you concentrate more on the domestic market?

UMA: That’s funny – the Slovene journalists ask me the same but opposite question – with almost half the album in English, if I want to explore other markets … (laughing) … Here’s the thing. This album is probably one of the most „true“ albums you have ever heard. There was no planning! My only guide was my intuition, my own vision. The bits of ideas on a paper and working on it with my co-songwriters.
The songs were written in the process of healing from the tragedy passing away of my favorite person in the world – my dad. So in the process of songwriting I wrote from my heart, which gave me the freedom of expression, no matter the genre, the language .. And I just didn’t care what poeple will think. My goal was (is) to turn pain into light. It’s not a sad, it’s a positive album – with thoughts about the soul („duša“) and it’s possible power and guidence. It’s about our inner temple where we find ourselves and our loved ones. About unlearning and how to „feel to heal“ … It’s simply an album of higher frequency. So It’s for every soul no matter the language. Will you play some shows to promote the new album?

UMA: These songs premiered at a charity concert made with my music guests in 2017, and we made many different shows since, from some of the biggest festivals here (Lent in Maribor) to jazz clubs and even to winning the „song of the week“ on the national radio. Now this album is out and as much as I am deeply grateful for the positive feedback, I am now taking my break to chill. It’s not how it is „usually done“, I know, but this is special. It’s been very intense and after the break I would like to concentrate on my next UMA project – a multi-sences theatre show with UMA music, called SensoriUma. It’s already in the planning and the premiere is booked for April 2020 in Ljubljana. If I’m right you already released two videos. Is there also a chance for TV appearances?

UMA: I’ve posted much more vlogs and other videos on my Facebook page… Of course, there will be more proper music videos now that the album is out.
You see, I am financing everything by myself and it’s great for the autonomy but not easy at all. I work in order to pay for it all: the studio, the practices, the band members for the shows, the vlogs and music videos. Musicians know that jut by selling shows and merch you hardly get any of that invested money back. For now … 🙂
The second video, „Le začuti“ (Unlearn – Feel) video is a beautiful one, almost like a short sci fi video – but that was it. Frankly, I rather saved money for the album independent realease than to put into another music video. It’s all about the music and the messages!
I would love to make a video for UMA with Eternity: On and On song. It’s such a beautiful song, dedicated to my mourning mother and with a powerful message about endless, undying love. What’s the next step?

UMA: I believe this album kind of „finds“ the right people. It’s an energetic thing I guess… Metal heads to classical fans write me about the album and how it touched them. People, who are ready to open their hearts to this music, somehow click in that frequency. My wish is that there would be as much people as possible to be able to do that, to connect to this music and somehow feed their souls with it. I know it’s a bigger challenge for the non-Slovene speakers, since the lyrics are a strong message-barrier – but sometimes you can hear beyond the language. You feel it. As I said, I want to work on the multi-senses show and meanwhile also work on my new songs. I would love to work worldwide with amazing artists on this frequency. (If any of them are reading this, please contact me on ;)) Urska, thank you very much and good luck 🙂

UMA: Thank you for the support, cheers!