Our last interview with model, allrounder and entrepreneur Paradise Rodriquez is quite a couple of years ago, in the meantime she was totally busy and even founded her own company. We talked to Paradise about her current projects, her company, foundations, being Miss Grand Massachusetts and future projects.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl , photos by courtesy of Paradise Rodriguez – (c) by Mike Peril Hi Paradise, let’s start with you as Miss Grand Massachusetts. How was this experience and did you discover a new passion for Miss Competitions? Are you going to take part at mote beauty contests?

Paradise: I started doing pageants because I saw it as a positive platform for The Catch A Falling Star Foundation and the Campaign I started in 2014 #ICanBeBoth – which encourages others to feel confident in being BOTH beautiful and intelligent. Attending school at Harvard University as well as consistently walking in the Fashion week circuits, I saw there was a need for women who enjoyed both, high fashion and high Intellect to feel safe and comfortable being all of who they are, realizing that we do not belong in these social boxes. As far as Pagentry, representing Massachusetts has been exciting. I found it is also a wonderful way to earn scholarship money. As we know school is quite expensive so I am entering everything I can to earn to cover my education, this includes writing competitions and possibly more pageants. Since we met in Miami a couple of years ago you travelled a lot. Paris, Italy … when will you come over to Europe and especially to Germany for further shootings and business purposes?

Paradise: With school, touring this year has been tough. I am currently looking at a massive project – I can’t give details just yet -, but depending on its launch date, I may return to Europe fall 2019 or postpone until fall 2020. I adore my career, but obtaining my Masters and Ph.D. are also top priorities. When I do return, I have quite a few projects that will be launching. I am looking forward to more community driven events, especially in Germany. Cool. (…) You created a foundation if I’m right. Can you tell us more about it?

Paradise: The Catch A Falling Star Foundation initially started to help those suffering through a divorce. It quickly grew to assist with self-love and proper peer communication. This past two years, we have expanded globally in an attempt to eradicate Human Trafficking, Hunger and Domestic Violence. We strive to create a safe and encouraging environment for those leaving traumatic environments. Children’s welfare is a huge passion of mine and I just want them safe. When we have safe and loved children … they grow up to be strong loving adults. That’s a priority. (…) and you also founded your own marketing firm?

Paradise: Yes, Paradise Rodriguez. INC includes a Marketing/Advertising/PR sector. We do everything from small business to large that requires all aspects of marketing. Rather the clients‘ needs are simply social media assistance or a complete revamp of their brand, Including website – I code them myself … Paradise Rodriguez Marketing Solutions handles it all. I have had the honor of representing several major brands as their Marketing Specialist and as a SpokesModel. Its really exciting work for me that I plan to continue long term. Wow, you must be totally busy. Where did you set the focus? On yourself or do you even sign different models for shootings and more?

Paradise: „Focus“ is not really a term I can use any more. I have my hands in a little of everything from modeling to acting, philanthropy, real estate. etc. My goal for my company is to be multiversal. I plan to even open a daycare within my firm, so my staff can bring their children to work with little to no worry. I still model full time, but primarily within the High Fashion Industry. There is a rather larger project I have been working on to assist other talents, but that will be launched this winter. It’s crazy to think about how much I do in a day. One could ask „where does she get the time for herself“. It was a struggle at first, but I practice „Siesta“ daily. That means, even if I am not sleeping, for 2 hours a day minimum I stop everything and allow myself to rest in whatever comfortable non-work related manner that feels right. Usually, this means visiting my horse, persues. By the way … I remember your appearance on the independent movie „Eyowa“. Do you have any further intentions making movies or acting? Cause you just said something about acting?

Paradise: Absolutely! Acting is a full-time passion for me as well. Whether it be the stage or screen, I love them both. Naturally, with writing my thesis for school, I haven’t accepted nearly as many projects as I normally do but I’m still very active. I’ve even taken an interest in doing a few projects at home in France. What are your plans for this summer?

Paradise: This summer I am preparing for the Miss Grand United States Pageant. I am also finishing a book, writing 2 of my thesis papers and applying for a degree program I want to enter in the winter at my school, Harvard. My Birthday is also this summer so half of it I will spend exploring and the other half,I was to take a team of volunteers back to Puerto Rico and help with the rebuild. Paradise, it’s always a pleasure talking to you … Good luck with everything.

Paradise: Thank you very much, Dennis.