The female fronted Metal band NEW YEARS DAY with vocalist Ash Costello is back with a new powerful album named „Unbreakable“ and already stroke with a furious video to the first single „Shut up“. We talked to te band about the new album, the video and plans.

Interview with Nikki Misery by Dennis Rowehl, pics by courtesy of Head of PR & Century Media (c) by Hristo Shindov Congratulations for your new album „Unbreakable“ . It’s really amazing !! How are your expectations regarding the success of „Unbreakable“?

Nikki: I’d have to say anything will exceed my expectations. The fact that we are here, still rocking and kicking ass, still on these stages, I mean, that’s enough for me! After having released such a strong album … do you feel kinda unbreakable?

Nikki: I stepped in front of a bus today and I did not get hurt. You tell me. (laughing) Totally unbreakable. Well. Are there any plans to come over to Europe and Germany to play some shows? … When?

Nikki: Yes! I believe we are heading there this fall with halestorm and ITM! Check tour dates for more info! I just saw your latest video „Shut up“. Cool stuff ! You adapt the American Psycho theme and Ash acted as the female counter to Patrick Bateman. But instead of GENESIS she listened to NEW YEARS DAY. Was it fun doing this video? Whose idea was it ?

Nikki: It was definitely Ash’s idea, and it was SO MUCH fun to make! Doing the conference room scene you can tell I’m almost cracking up asking Ash: “Are you ok?!” By the way, what’s better? Genesis or New Years Day ?

Nikki: (laughing) Depends on who you ask! Would you like to act in a real movie as well?

Nikki: As long as it was something fun and no some lifetime sappy movie. If we talking like a killer horror flick or marvel movie, YES! Awesome. What are the next steps to promote the new album?

Nikki: I’ve been breaking into people’s homes late and night and I’ll talk to the “victims” about music and why they should listen. They usually buy it. (laughing) Well, thank you so far and I hope to see you live on stage soon !! And Good luck with „Unbreakable“ !!!

Nikki: Thank you so much for your time! Much love and can’t wait to rock with you all soon!