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DJane LEENATA from China is one of the most popular DJs. The beautiful and sympathic natural born DJ is constantly touring China and Asia but she was also on stage in different European countries such as Germany, Poland, France and many more. Huge festivals and also famous dance clubs are her home. We had the chance to talk to her about her career, her plans, some private stuff and the difference between the music market in China and Europe.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, all photos by courtesy of LEENATA, studio pics (c) by Slava Kol

entertaim.net: Hi Leenata, you’re based in China and you’re one of the most famous TOP DJs in China and also famous in Asia and some European Areas. You became a DJ 2009. What was your inspiration to start a career as a DJane?

LEENATA: Hey Dennis! Really awesome to be here with you today. Actually my experience already 9 years …. wow, I am also surprised myself (laughing). Actually my best inspiration was music all this time. I started from my child time and my first cassette recorder, then my piano. When I was 5 years old I started my producing …  if I can call it like this (laughing). Then a lot of author’s music contests and competitions followed, then my first party organizations and after a long time i just found myself and realize that now I am who I am ..  ART (DJ /producer /vocalist) like shampoo head and shoulders (laughing). So that’s a long story how I became a DJ but if be shortly just music always has been in my life, even when I was a kid banging a bit on the furniture toys, so music is my destiny. I am pretty sure.

entertaim.net: By the way … where in China do you live?

LEENATA: Right now, most of the time I live in Guangzhou City and every month I come to Hong Kong to stay there at least a few days … but before it was a long way for find the best place for me. In the beginning I lived in Beijing, then Shanghai and then in Shenzhen,  so now I guess I did my choice.

entertaim.net: If you compare the European Market with China, is there a difference between people when they party and dance?

LEENATA: Oh! Of course! That totally different. First of all the music! In European countries mostly some like deep house or techno and sometimes commercial (depends of places) but in China it’s mostly very hard festival music even in almost every club … such as hard style / dubstep / hardcore / trap and etc. Of course in Europe you can use these styles only at festivals. In China you can make party almost every day but around Europe it’s almost just party time at the weekends. Then to all European peaope you can communicate in English and that’s okay. But not in China, people will always answer something like «TIM BU DON» or «Wǒ bù míngbái nǐ» … it means I don’t understand you. So if you want to live in China first of all you should learn Chinese. And you must be ready for a lot of strange things, especially for white people. All Asia live with different rules. If you can’t accept them you’ll not be able to stay there.

entertaimnet and Leenata

entertaim.net: Sounds definitely interesting. … What is the best part being a famous DJ?

LEENATA: This is my favorite part (laughing). Where can I start? Don’t want someone to be jealous but being a DJ is nice …  but being a famous DJ that’s an awesome and sweet life: 5 stars hotels with all inclusive food, gym, swimming pools, spa and etc. Many privileges starting from business class in the plane and passing through the green zone on the border. Of course I am not Martin Garrix or Dimitri Vegas but my life is also very nice because of lots of traveling, meeting so many interesting persons which stay in my life for a long time. I love this life and don’t wanna change it.

entertaim.net: What are the next projects and performances and festivals this year? Are there any plans to come over to the USA as well?

LEENATA: This year will be very, very productive. I have already started this year with my album, and soon also a next one in dubstep style. Of course I never stop touring. Right now I am almost finished with my India tour and then Nepal and after that I have some plans for Canada and USA. But actually I am not pretty sure. The main reason for me touring in Asia is that it’s easier. It’s not that simple coming to the USA but I will do by best. I already joined the amazing festival Holli in India, so next time I’ll be in Canada Holli, in September.

entertaim.net: Besides … what kind of music do you like most in your free time?

LEENATA: Actually you’ll be really impressed but I am a real music lover, so that’s why I find something interesting in every genre. One day it can be Classic music: Chopin or Bach. Another day some Old school like Metallica or U2 or even Linking Park. Then it can be just relaxing ith some chill out and deep music. Everything depends of my mood. Maybe another day I will be singing some commercial songs which I like so much. of course my best inspiration – all hard style music but when I am really tired I prefer more calm styles.

entertaim.net: I follow you on instagram and you really seem to be very, very busy. If you travel to different places do you have time for sightseeing as well?

LEENATA: This is a very complicated question because after a long way you just wanna take rest before a show to save your energy. But I try to go somewhere sometimes for getting new impressions and memories with new photos and videos. Of course even if I can’t do that, I can always come back to that place again to spend my time there.

entertaim.net: Cool. Thank you very much, Leenata …  and Good luck for the future

LEENATA: Thank you, Dennis. My statement for my fans: Never give up, follow your dreams and remember: Music is the answer and I’ve got a lot of beats for you (smiling).

Leenata and entertaimnet

Leenata on entertaimnet