ZEBRAHEAD / A new chapter of invading brains … or something

ZEBRAHEAD / A new chapter of invading brains ... or something

„Brain Invaders“ is the new Zebrahead album and these beach boy are still willing and able to party. Here are some impressions as an appetizer to watch them live and to listen to the brand new album „Brain invaders“.

Interview with Matty Lewis by Dennis Rowehl, picture by courtesy of Sailor Entertainment

entertaim.net: Hello, Zebrahead celebrates the 20th anniversary with a brand new album. How does this feel?

Matty: It feels like a bunch of chipmunks making sweet, sweet love. We are very excited for our new album „Brain Invaders“. We have been working on it for the past couple of years. It was a labor of love and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it.

entertaim.net: By the way, what is a brain invader?

Matty: It’s whatever you let it be. It can be your insecurities. It can be your hope. It can be what feeds you on your cell phone.

entertaim.net: Well. the new album is really awesome. Congrats.  The last time I saw you on stage regarding the „Call your friend“-tour you guys had so much fun with the cocktail bar, stage divers and more. Do you still have the bar on stage? And you you also feel the same positive vibes?

Matty: The bar is still pretty good, so we kept it. Our shows are always high energy and our fans are insane so we love playing live and I feel that creates a positive energy.

entertaim.net: The last time we talked about beer, the Oktoberfest and all the funny German stuff. After 20 years of rocking the world … Have you become victims of sobriety yet or are you still addicted to wild after show parties?

Matty: No parties anymore. Wait…did you say after party? (laughing)

entertaim.net: If you had an unlimited budget for making a video … how would it look like?

Matty: It would be exactly like the video for our newest single… “All My Friends Are Nobodies”.

Check out the video right here:

entertaim.net: Let’s talk about the opener of your new album: „When both sides suck we’re all winners“ … what was the inspiration?

Matty: It was inspired by friendships, relationships, and perspectives. (laughing)

entertaim.net: Finally … do you have a funny or gossip story about what append during the recordings of „Brain invaders“?

Matty: Sure … Weed became legal in California.

entertaim.net: (laughing) … Well, thank you very much …

Matty: Thanks, see you on tour …