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MJAV on entertaim.net

Let’s introduce MJAV, a new female Pop act from Slovenia. We talked to Maša Uranjek, one of the vocalists, about releases and plans.

Interview by D. Rowehl, pictures by courtesy of ekskluzivno

entertaim.net: You just released an official video to a song names „Never again“. When will you release your album?

Maša Uranjek: Never again is our 6th released song. We have just received the news that we are accepted to one of the most prestigious Slovenian festivals “Slovenska popevka”. The festival takes place in September and the song we are going to perform there is entirely our work.  We feel this is our year and we are planning to release our album as soon as possible.

entertaim.net: Who are your musical idols?

Maša Uranjek: Girls can be very similar to each other but still very different when it comes to our taste in music. Our music combines what we have in common but when it comes to idols, each of us has one of its own. I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson, Ani Frece loves jazz singers and Jasmina Smarcan likes church music and gospel.

entertaim.net: What are your plans to promote the album? Are new videos in progress? Any live shows as well?

Maša Uranjek: So far we haven’t planned anything special to promote our album, we will deal with it in the fall. We have a habit of presenting each song along with the video, perhaps we will prepare a special concert when promoting our entire album. We like to surprise our audience so we should keep some information a secret …

entertaim.net: How much fun was it to produce this video?

Maša Uranjek: We had so much fun producing the video “Never again”. The director of the video was Igor Pecoler and we decided to keep it simple. The video was shot very fast and the energy was over the top, a lot of laughter but still very productive. We can’t wait to film another one.

entertaim.net: Are ther any plans to perform live in Germany?

Maša Uranjek: Unfortunately not yet. We love to perform abroad. We have already been in Switzerland as well as in Belgium because we have quite some fans there. We have already performed in Germany for Slovenian audience but we would be more than happy to perform for the Germans, so do not hesitate to invite us!

entertaim.net: … Thank you very much!

Maša Uranjek: Thank you …