BABY RAPTORS / Baby Raptors (EP) (Isotopia Records)

Combining Retro and EDM the Baby Raptors just released the bebut EP. We had the chance to talk to lead singer Tory Fisher about the music, videos and the name … by Dennis Rowehl, pic by Gabriel Stanley and by courtesy of Gordeon Music. Hello Tora, you just released your Debut-EP. Are you happy about the feedback so far?

Tory Fisher: Absolutely – there is so much music being released these days that to get authentic and positive feedback feels really cool … feels special. The thing
I love the most about the feedback is that it is organic – people are attracted to the retro sound even though it’s not quite pop and it’s not quite indie, people are vibing with it! This EP is also on vinyl … that’s pretty awesome! Are you also a vinyl collector?

T.F.: I am! I got a head start when I took on my Dad’s vinyl collection so I have some pretty incredible iconic albums. There’s something so warm and inviting
about the sound of a real record. I personally love the experience of going through them one by one looking at the artwork and imagining what the process was like for that artist to create visuals for their music in their time. You also released your first video „LOSTBOI“ – there’s so much competition, so how important are videos to get more attention?

T.F.: Everything is so visual now – often times people will stream the music video just to listen to the song or they really only like the song once they’ve seen the video. So it’s crucial. I wanted „Lostboi“ to be open to interpretation … I didn’t want it to be literal like so many pop videos. I let my quirkier side come out for this one, and I started making all kinds of crazy shapes with my body while the director rolled camera. I guess in a way, I wanted there to be a blurry sense of identity to represent the concept of ‚lost youth‘ portrayed in the song. Besides … how much fun was it to produce this video? Are there more videos in progress?

T.F.: This was the most fun I’ve had making a video. We had two days to shoot because we flew YoYo Champ, Gentry Stein into NY from California for a big music festival performance. After the performance, we took all the camera crew and gear down to the beach at Coney Island and we filmed in the night with the carnival lights going crazy in the background. A lot of the coolest shots were just impromptu – waves crashing up onto us while a crew member held a blue spotlight on us. Sometimes the magic happens when you least expect or plan it. There are always more music videos on the horizon because I love working with different media. You can expect a Strangerz lyric video and possibly a remix video in the very near future! You played a couple of shows in the USA. Do you have any plans to come over to Europe, maybe to perform on Electro- or EDM-Fests?

T.F.: Nothing would make me happier than to play a European tour and do the music festivals in the summer! Nothing! Europeans hold such a special place in my
heart – in terms of electro and edm I have felt like they were always a few steps ahead and I’m constantly inspired not just by their artists but by their tastes in music and appreciation of performers. I guess many people asked you this before but what’s the story behind the name BABY RAPTORS?

T.F.: The name ‚Baby Raptors‘, for me, was less about what it meant and more about what it represented. Flirting with the pop genre, I really didn’t want the music that I made to be about ME. I wanted it to be one step removed from me. Something slightly off. Something abstract. Something that created a platform and space for me to explore and change and be slightly anonymous in my creation. I had this vision of a little baby dinosaur just getting funky to some deep house music and the image never left me … so I wanted the raptor to be my spirit animal and my logo. And besides, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Some female acts are very provocative regarding outfit, performance etc. How hard is it to create a unique style?

T.F.: I never wear something for the purpose of being provocative. Of course, sometimes my outfits are quite revealing but (for better or for worse) I don’t think about if it will entice an audience. It’s usually just because I feel powerful in my body and connected to my body and I’m free to show it. I don’t believe women should ever feel ashamed about their bodies whether they want to show them or cover them. It’s definitely hard to find that unique style though and stick to it, at least for me, since I’m always evolving and changing. I cut my hair off and died it pastel pink for the EP and it will be different by the next project. I guess that’s my style … you never know what you’re going to get. I don’t follow trends as I find that quite boring. No one fits into a box, and I like the freedom to explore. One thing is for sure though, I am vegan, so all my fashion must be cruelty free – no fur, no leather. As I say, „fashion is compassion“. Thank you very much …

T.F.: You’re welcome, Dennis.