Combining 70s-Rock, Psychedelic and much more MISS VELVET and the BLUE WOLF just released the amazing album named „Bad get some“. We talked to Miss Velvet herself about the album and current plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, picture by courtesy of Gordeon Music

entertaim.net: „Bad get some“ is your awesome brand new album … great job !! How was the feedback so far?

Miss Velvet: Thank you! We have been super excited to be getting very enthusiastic feedback internationally. The best feedback we have had is that we are going on tour with legendary George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on his 36 US City tour ‘Mardi Gras Madness’.

entertaim.net: You combine 70s-Rock, Funk, Psychedelic with a unique touch. So I guess Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin really inspired you, right? By the way …
what’s so fascinating about the 70th?

Miss Velvet: Absolutely the singers and bands from the 70’s: Robert Plant, Janis, Steven Tyler. I don’t know if it is fascinating as much as totally inspiring. The 70’s was when rock exploded and as my producer, vocal coach and keyboardist in the band, Constance Hauman always says, the 70’s was the era of real singers. It was the era of great rock voices and the bands to support those voices which is what she did for me by building the Blue Wolf around my vocal sound.

entertaim.net: Even your video of „Dare“ is kinda psychedelic and weird but also so cool. How much fun was it to produce this video?

Miss Velvet: It was a total total blast. We were on tour in Estonia and Finland and just decided to film in a few places and see what would happen. When we saw the amazing abandoned Linnehall in Tallinn, we decided omg the next day we have to film there and we did.

entertaim.net: You’ve got so many members in the band. Isn’t it complicating to combine all the individual musical directions of each member? Who’s responsible for the music and lyrics?

Miss Velvet: Well, we are like a musical democracy and are super lucky that we all get a long so well and respect each other. Everyone comes from a different musical background which gels great together, led by my musical director and producer of the album Constance Hauman and our co-producer drummer Nick Carbone. Usually I come to Constance with an idea and she fleshes it out, co -writes with me and then we go to the band for everyone’s input in the arrangements; however Velvet Door for instance we all wrote together in an hour both the lyrics and music !! Like You Do, Nick wrote and brought to band, but on our next album we have written everything together like the way we did Velvet Door.

entertaim.net: Are there any plans to come over to Europe?

Miss Velvet: Funny you should ask as we are working on that now for April –May 2018!!

entertaim.net: What’s the next step? A new video?

Miss Velvet: The next step is this once in a lifetime tour with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. We do 2 shows in New Orleans on Dec. 29th and 30th and then start the intense tour Jan. 31 in Chicao and end up in Las Vegas Mar. 31rst 2018. Will definitely make another video a long the way and then we have a 2nd album we all can’t wait to put down!

entertaim.net: Thank you & good luck

Miss Velvet: Thank you.