ROCKET QUEENS / Female Guns’n’Roses Tribute

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There’s still great music out there … new stuff or the classics … The Rocket Queens worship Guns and fn Roses and do an excellent job. We talked to singer Faith Blurry about the GnR-tribute-experience …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / photo by courtesy of Rocket Queens – (c) by Diana Lombardi You’re the lead singer of the Rocket Queens … a tribute to Guns’n’Roses. How are things going?

Faith Blurry: Hi Dennis, I’d like to thank you for your time and interest in Rocket Queens. Well, things are going sooo good! Rocket Queens are having such a great time! I think that it’s an amazing experience. We played and are going to play in many venues also in Europe and I must say that … we are pretty excited! Can’t wait to see you, guys! Why Guns’n’Roses?

Faith: Why Guns n’ Roses? (laughing) … so, the idea to form Rocket Queens came out from this: have fun … really really fun! GNR are well known to be messy, out of control, party animals … as if they were “in a jungle” and this is what we’re trying to carry around … bring people to that state of mind, have fun and vent out! …. also, there are many tribute bands to GNR but here in Italy, better in Europe, you have never seen an all female tribute to GNR, have you? You should come to our shows!!! (laughing) How many shows are you gonna play in the near future .. and how’s the feedback?

Faith: Last year we played many shows and we’re gonna play more … and more, hopefully! The feedback is amazing! We can’t be more happy about what’s going on. By the end of September we played shows in the Netherlands and in March we’ll play our first entire European Tour! On our facebook page we constantly update our calendar. So get ready because we’ll hit your town soon! What’s the best part of singing in a tribute band?

Faith: I think the best part of singing in a tribute band is that you have the chance to improve yourself as a singer and performer. We’re on the road … so many times and meet so many different and interesting people. I know there are different opinions about tribute bands but for me being part of the Rocket Queens means friendship, sharing the same passion and having fun. It’s awesome! Do you have new plans of forming another band where you can compose and play your own bands?

Faith: As singer, I have something to say on my own … but today I cannot say if and when I’m going to form an original band. Maybe one day …. who knows! Thank you very much and keep on rocking!

Faith: Thank you, Dennis