Clean Out Loud at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL!!! New ways to avoid trashy camping sites….

Report by Martin Hannig

Pics (c) by Roskilde Festival

Yes we all know – to be part of a festival like the mighty legendarious ROSKILDE FESTIVAL up in Denmark – it’s mainly all about one week of ultimate party – including drinking, some doping, having fun, getting into people, having a jolly good time. Apart from watching all the bands and DJs and artists – for a sginificant amount of people the CAMP is the main reason to survive Roskilde Festival. But it wouldn’t be Roskilde Festival, if there weren’t people to make those camps more sustainable.  – And that’s the point about „Clean out loud“ (COL) – it is one project in this direction.  –Rasmus Fiil Mortensen is the spokesman of COL – met him at the Festival and he was so kind to tell us everything about COL.

Clean Out Loud is a partnership between the Vallekilde Højskole, Roskilde Festival and Roskilde Festival Højskole. Students from Vallekilde Højskole’s creative class Event & Lederskab mainly  run the project. Rasmus himself is in the gap year between school and university, and like many other students-to-be he also takes part in this project.

In 2017 there have been 100 people working for the COL team. The teams are not stable over the years – they change every year. Thats why they try to documentate every step they achieve – so the next generation of COL may use the data and experiences.

So how can one Roskilde Festival visitor become a part of the COL camp? You must be ready to apply for a camp. People really do apply in the winter – COL gets far more applications than places,  so they have to decide wich applier they take. People with a special creativity and interesting new ideas for their camp have te best chances to get a place in the COL area. Rasmus and his team were also involved in this application process – so one can say the COL is a throughout the year project!

We asked Rasmus about the main idea of COL. For him it’s quite clear: the camp guys in the col area are forced to live on their own responsibility regarding the waste. They are going for the aim to leave the camp site as clean as it was on the 1st day. And oh boy! – looking at the enormos amount of trash left by the normal festival guests – not only cans, bottles, but whole tents, sleeping bags, air beds, camping funriture! – THIS is a remarkable aim! In 2017 about 7000 guys took part in the COL! 7000 people trying to leave the places like new -did the y  succeed? Take a look at the pic above – they did!!!!

The COL project team in the COL camp obviously has an eye on it. One part of being a camper in the COL camp is to tidy up the camp everyday, supervised by the team. Another part for the COL project team is to organise the „trash parade“. Every day they manage a parade of mostly crazy people in wild costumes, parading  to the „normal“ campsites, and collecting trash of all kind, even sort it out immediately. Rasmus is convinced that his kind of „public relations“ is the best part of COL. So they bring the idea to all the festival camps. But nevertheless, he stated – it would be way too hard to spread the COL ideas into the whole festival campgrounds. There are so many people involved to make COL come true for only 7000 people -project this figure  for 100000 guests – there you go.

On our question if the COL camp visitors do produce less trash than the normal guests Rasmus told us the average COL camper produces not less trash. Because they party and living like the others. But: they do take care of the disposal of their waste – which is far more than the average normal guest is doing.

But in the end the more remakable and sustainable effect of COL are the people itself – and their behaviour back at home. Rasmus and the COL team hope that they will be aware of waste disposal in their everyday lifes. And with that projection Roskilde Festival again provides a sustainable kick in young peoples life…..