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Armed & Dangerous! Successful and stunning model Agnes Dimaggio from Spain is always ready for what’s next … music videos, TV, movies and much more. We had the chance to talk about her current and future projects, underwater shootings and her Bollywood experience in India …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Agnes Dimaggio (c) by Konstantin Killer, killer-uwpics (top) and Dani Sampere (below) Hi Agnes, you’re an international model and actress. You appeared on TV, you did advertising, video clips – Robbie Williams for example – and much more. You also did shootings for famous designers. What do you prefer … model shootings or the catwalk?

Agnes: I like it all, photoshootings, acting, dancing, singing, films, TV, musicals, videoclips, catwalk, hostess, moderating. I’m working on this all my life since I was 14 years old. With 14 years old I had my radio music program for a radio in Spain, then I was in different model and actress schools and I sstarted my career as a model and actress. Dennis, I’m a person who’s polifacetic and I can do a lot of different things, I love it all … the catwalk, shootings etc. – I do it all because this is what makes me happy and I’m doing this all my life, no matter where I live, I’m international. I have my official photographer Daniel Sampere, with him I did a lot of cover pages for different magazines and newspapers, soon we have a session in London, then I model for Marilin Nova Designs … I posed for catalogues, expositions, important ads and of course the catwalk with her clothes and accessoirs …. also I did great jobs for Aragazza Barcelona, Mosca Negra Sunglasses, Santa Braguita bikini and lot of more disigners. I’m doing fashion shows for different disigners …. I never stop to say thanks to all people that trust in me and give me opportunites to continue working in the biz I love. I always give the best of me and put all my heart in all the works that I have. I had one of the best model professors in haute couture and pret a porter … Hernando Herrera International Modelling School. He prepared me for the jobs I do today. In a few months I’ll be on TV in Germany. At the moment I cannot tell about this …. What kind of shootings you’d like to do? Maybe something dangerous?

Agnes: I already did a lot of shootings …  fashion, fitness … but now I’m at the point of my life to have different sesions. I want something amazing. One of my last sessions was underwater with one of the most famous photograph in this world, Konstantin Killer, killer-uwpics Unterwasser Model Fotografie. Sounds amazing … how was it?

Agnes: It was an amazing experience! Water doesn’t scare me because I love swimming since I was a baby (laughing). I was really nervous to know Konstantin because he is one of the best photographers worldwide for underwater photos. He is really professional, all the equipment that he used and all the preparation before the shoot. You had some TV castings … can you tell us more about it? Apart from the one for German TV?

Agnes: Sure! I had a lot of TV castings for different formats in Germany and Spain. Actually for India, too. Yeah! Recently I heard that you start a Bollywood career in India … so this is this correct? And what’s so special about India for you?

Agnes: Yes, it is true that I am going to work in Bollywood soon, I am currently working for a YouTube channel „World Vlogs“ and this channel’s owner Mr. Surjeet Singh Jaswal is also the owner of Blue Star Motion Pictures from India. I am really feeling happy to work with them and the Indian audience likes my work alot. The person who is the owner of this channel will make some YouTube web series soon with me. A lot of excited contents is coming on this channel, such as movie trailers and movie reviews. And much more about traveling and Bollywood! (smiling). And yeah, there’s a special relationship between India and me, I really love Bollywood films and the music as well. India is colorful and fill of adventures! And I love the people there. You already acted in some music videos. You’re also a singer. Is there any intention of recording some own songs and producing your own music clip?

Agnes: Yes, in Spain I was singing the chorus with a reggeton singer and I did videoclips with Nena (Willst du mit mir gehen), Thais ( si hay amor no hay barrera), Chino Latino. Acually I’m preparing a new song with SNB aka Squeaky Noise and we want to film a videoclip of the song. It’s House music and I sing the chorus and I put my voice in it, people like my accent and we think that is a perfect idea to mix my accent and my language in one song. Cool! Do you have any musical idols?

Agnes: I like all kind of music, specially House Music, but one of my favourit singer is Lana del Rey and Enrique Iglesias. What are your plans for this summer? Apart from what you’ve told us.

Agnes: (smiling) I’ve got lots of ideas and plans. Apart from Bollywood and the youtube channel I continue working with different photosesions and working in my image as a Fitness Model for Supreme Elite. I’m always busy but I love it ! Yeah, 2017 is gonna be a busy year. Good luck and thank you very much …

Agnes: You’re welcome, Dennis.

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