BB UTAH / SHORT CUT – The interview


Not Miami, not New York City or Los Angeles … Let’s introduce model BB Utah from … Salt Lake City, Utah. We talked about modeling in the heart of the US and more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / pics by courtesy of BB Utah (c) by Reynolds Photo Group (c) Emric Hi BB, it’s a pleasure doing the interview with you. Well, let’s start with your career as a model. Can you tell me something about your current projects?

BB: I don’t really have any current projects I just shoot when my main photographer is in town or when I get jobs (smiling). What kind of shootuings do you like most?

BB: I like to do all kinds. Just no nude or half nude. Just check out my pictures … Salt Lake City is not Las Vegas, NY or Miami. What’s the biggest advantage for you as a model living in SLCity?

BB: (smiling) Well, Dennis. Honestly I believe if I really wanna make it as a model or singer I will eventually need to move away from Utah. You’re also a singer/songwriter … what kind of songs do you write and sing?

BB: I mainly sing Country … but I can sing any other genre as well. Are there any recordings or videos in progress?

BB: Oh yes, I am always recording. I actually just made a music page if you would like to like that and share it. Thank you very much.

BB: You’re welcome …