DA CANDY / DaCandy DJing to the MAXXX !

DaCandy on entertaim.net

She’s stunning and addicted to music. DaCandy rocks the turntables and the clubs – wherever there’s party there’s her home! We had the chance to talk about her career, musical skills and about rocking the crowds.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, pics by coutesy of DaCandy

entertaim.net: Hi, it’s a pleasure doing this interview. You’re a famous DJane. What are your current projects and shows for the future?

DaCandy: At the moment I’m really focused on 3 of my summer songs that I produced featuring 2 talented singers, I can’t wait to present to the world. By the way if you know any major label looking for a talents – ring the bell (laughing).

entertaim.net: (laughing) Not yet …

DaCandy: Currently I’m in Mexico for a show with DJ Bl3nd, Lil John and a list of other talented DJs. It’s going to be mad, as for the summer we are going to run several tours including Spain. Ive already discovered Malta to myself earlier this year with a show at MTV Sunbreak Festival. By the way it was amazing. Really hope to pop Ibiza this year as well (smiling).

entertaim.net: When did you start dj-ing? And what was the inspiration for your career?

DaCandy: It all began back into the days I was passionated with a hip-hop and RnB culture. In 2011 I was a singer and a songwriter in RnB band when my friend borrowed me a pair of Technics so I decided to try myself as a DJ. I started to mix vinyls at home. I was really inspired by DJ Craze and Scratch movie. So I was perfecting my skills day by day during the next year, I don’t event remember if I went out the house (laughing) … so if any of the readers ever ask me again „How much time did you spend learning to DJ“ I guess the answer would be around 1 year to get a proper basic skills. I’m still perfecting my skills tho and discover a lot of crazy things when I meet up with other DJs. Ots all abput sharing and peactising. For the last years I’m focused on my own music production tho.

entertaim.net: What’s the best part of dj-ing? Also traveling to exotic places and to awesome parties?

DaCandy: I think it’s all about creating music and spreading it all over the people and fans, seeing them enjoying it, having fun. Like, creating a soundtrack. I feel like when I’m sharing my energy with the crowd I make them feel happy. I love to see them happy. Of course travelling takes a major part of my life. I’m feeling so lucky to travel the world with my shows seeing beautiful places and wonders of the planet. Every place is so unique that I can’t define the best one but I really enjoyed DOMINICAN Republic, Malta recently, Mauritius and South Africa for its wild nature and hot sun. I LOVE sun and palm trees. Don’t imagine my life without it (laughing). As for me, the craziest crowd I met as by now was in Italy and Mexico. Those people definitly know how to go off.

DaCandy on entertaimnet

entertaim.net: You’ve got great pictures. Really stunning! Do you also work as a model?

DaCandy: 100% of my time I dedicate to music: singing, playing piano and working in Logic on my projects, thus the answer is „No“, I have had several photo shooting in different world magazines, thus I’ve never posesed myself as a model. Music is the passion of my life.

entertaim.net: When you perform … is it fun or also hard work?

DaCandy: It is always a fun even when I lost my voice and the last drop of sweat came out I enjoy every second of my show. All the hard work is curtained beyond the stage: hours of practise, not only over the CDjs, but the way you act, the way you speak, the way you interect with people in order to make a show perfect. When you come up at the stage you just let it all go and have fun.

entertaim.net: Are there any festivals you’d really like to perform?

DaCandy: It is obvious. I can’t wait to perform at UMF, Tomorrowland, Creamfields et cettra, thus if any of you have anyone on your mind to deal with just let me know (smiling).

entertaim.net: Are there any intentions to perform in the United States?

DaCandy: Currently we are hardly working to arrange a huge tour over the whole Central and Northern America. It’s just a question of time to settle down all the necessary papers and agreements.

entertaim.net: Thank you and all the best for the future …

Da Candy: Thanks, Dennis

DJane Da Candy on entertaim.net