JOHN DIVA and the Rockets of Love / GLAM METAL EASTER

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The Glam Metal enigma from Paradise City is ready to strike in Cologne rocking the Partymonium Live Special. These guys already kicked butt in Wacken and wherever there’s party John Diva’s back home! We talked to the boss himself about his lifestyle …

Interview: Rock Schmidt / Photo by courtesy of John Diva, by Tom Row You’re gonna play the Luxor in Cologne, at the 80s-Glam Metal Party Partymonium Special. This Easter weekend! What’s so special about this kind of music?

John Diva: There´s absolutely nothing special about 80ties style R´n R …. I mean … It´s part of US … it´s in US … part of our DNA … we eat, breathe, excrete IT!!! No Hip-No Hype-nothing special … just the five of us having a good time. You play notorious shows with pyros, cheerleaders and the whole Rock Circus. So you live this style even at home?

J.D.: Is a clown always a clown? I mean …24/7 ? Look … what I mean …Rock and Roll is the last MAN-given adventure of our times. We kind of live it … every second of each day! BUT … do I start my days with blasting some ballroomblitzes and pyro-canons strikes to salute my neighbors? Are some pornchicks doing my laundry? Do I chop my breakfast on a mirror …..? Trick or treat you have the choice … that´s what we always do when Hallows Eve is over. When did you form the band?

J.D.: When we started the band back in the schooldays all we needed was laughing, some cigs and a sixpack of beer. Nothing was more important than spending some time together … and still is! There was no idea, plan or A & R management controlled riot. Just a handful of school outsiders grabbin´some instruments instead of
fingering the chick of the quarterback …. that happened …. but later. This was exactly the answer to my question (laughs). Well, apart from Steel Panther who started as a tribute band the scene is not so crowdes by new and young bands playing their own tracks. What about you? Is there something in progress with your own songs?

J.D.: I mean … I´m pretty much done with it! Played and wrote with the big guys. Saluted the gods … tasted their sweet honey. Had some hard times being behind the hitmachine behind the curtain … felt the pressure … tasted more honey and spend some time in hell … and it took me half of my life to get on my feet again!
Now it’s time for me to enjoy some of the (MY) greatest rock tunes in history. Yeah .. sometimes there’s a muse that kisses me … once, twice … shy … demanding … let´s see what happens … What do you think about German airplay, the mainstream radio with acts such as  …. Grönemeyer, Schweighöfer, Revolverheld and stuff like this?

J.D.: German Radio? It´s a shame! I mean … when did you guys had fun last time? I mean … it all sounds the same … all sounds like a dead-polished soundtrack to
some „Greys Anatomi-ish parents in law riot“. Where are the emotions, the goosepimps, the scream and yell … the laughter? You guys totally lost it or never found it!? Ok – there is at least Radio BOB or the Bavarian radio stations, which are for sure influenced by the US army soldiers, but the rest of Germany….!?
Come on … Thanks man, enjoy the Partymonium Special …

J.D.: Will do!