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After the crazy, sometimes funny and also exhausting extended „Disturbed“-European Tour the Soap Girls finally arrived their home town Capetown, South Africa, preparing the next strike … an brand new album and of course another tour … and this is gonna be fun again. We talked to Noemie Debray about what’s going on and what’s coming up next.
Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of the Soap Girls, (c) by the Soap Girls Now you’re back in South Africa and you played a really extended European Tour this year. So how does it feel to be back home from a exhausting tour?

Noemie: It feels surreal and weird and always quite bummer coming back especially after meeting so many amazing people !! Do you work on a new album? I hope you’re gonna release the 2nd album also on vinyl …. that would be awesome .

Noemie: Yeah! We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our new album and are super excited definitely going to be making a plan for vinyl copies!! Awesome! You’ve got lots of great merchandise stuff. Who’s taking care of all the logos and designs?

Noemie: Sam, our manager, is super talented and does the designs but we all have a say in the final product. The last time we talked you told me that especially the UK is a great market for you. Are you going to come back next year … also to Germany? Besides … are there any intentions to play shows in the USA?

Noemie: Yeah the UK is great because they really embrace the weird and wonderful and we always have a lot fun with the audiences that side (laughing). Germany too. Last year was our first time in Germany and we’re definitely coming back !! The USA is definitely on the horizon for us. Apart from great shows you had some bad experiences in Germany …. do you like to tell us more about this?

Noemie: We’d prefer If we for now focused on the things we really loved about Germany. It was our first time and some things weren’t what we were used to but we can’t wait to go back !! When you plan your next European tour … is there anything you would do differently?

Noemie: Yes, bring more tequila (laughing) I hope the next time we’ve got enough time to produce a brand new music video. Are you already collecting new ideas for new videos?

Noemie: Yes, we hope so, too. Wwe’re always thinking about new ideas so definiteky. If you were the President of South Africa, what would you do as your first official acts?

Noemie: Make sure every home has a shower and a flushing toilet. Finally: How would you dress while having your first official press conference as President? 🙂

Noemie: Depends on the weather (laughing). Thank you very much and see you soon, again.

Noemie: Thank you, Dennis.

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