Lucija Potočnik / With Style to the Miss Universe Competition

Lucija Potočnik

With style to the Miss Universe Competition – Slovenian model and Miss Universe Slovenia Lucija Potočnik talks about her career, the MU Competition, hot dresses and shootings …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / photos by (the courtesy of) Ulla Wolk /Agencija Ekskluzivno Hi Lucija, how are you? How does it feel to be Miss Universe Slovenia?

Lucija: Hi, thank you for asking, I am great and I’m really having a great time. This year is different than last year. Like Miss Universe Slovenia, I have a little more work but I enjoy to take part in different events, interviews, photoshootings and the most I like is meeting new people and talking about new projects. The Miss Universe Competition will be 29th of January. Are you excited about flying to the Philippines?

Lucija: Yes, I cannot wait to fly to the Philippiness. I love to travel a lot and I am not afraid of airplanes. All my life I had a wish to see the Philippiness and this year my wish comes true. So…yeaaaah, I am very excited!!! Besides …. how do you prepare for this huge event?

Lucija: I started to prepare since the end of November. I need a lot of dresses, so my fashion designer made a lot of wonderful dresses for me. I also must have national dress. It will be designed and manufactured by fashion designer Stanka Blatnik. I am more careful what I eat this month and I do lots of exercise daily. My team – Vladimir and Marija Kraljevič and Kaly Kolonič – are supporting me a lot! I read that you study in Maribor? What are you studying?

Lucija: Now I am at the end of college of primary teaching. I am finishing masters thesis and I think I will have justification when I will return from Philippiness. Sounds good! Will you also concentrate on modeling in the near future? Can you tell us more about projects for 2017?

Lucija: Absolutely! In the near future I will continue modeling. I am planning to have my own model type school for children. Do you have a Top-3-list for the most attractive outfits to go out clubbing or dining?

Lucija: The first outfit and that all women must have is black tight dress, black high heels and nice gold jewelry. The second is red – tight or not so tight – a little longer dress. And the third is black pellucidity coverall with shine high heels. Thank you, and now you know another journalist (laughing)

Lucija: Yes (laughing) Lucija, good luck at the Miss Universe Competition …

Lucija: Thank you, Dennis.