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DEVILSKIN, the new Shooting Stars from New Zealand just released the new album „Be like the river“ – we talked to bass player Paul Martin about this new album, video productions, Halestorm and more …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Oktober Promotion, (c) by Congratulations … Your new album „Be like the river“ is awesome. Are you happy about all the positive reviews so far?

Paul: Very happy so far! The response has exceeded our expectations and we are ecstatic that so many people are really enjoying it. Where to you get the inspirations for the artwork?

Paul: The skull (Jonny) is our mascot from the first album. The title Be Like The River comes from one of our songs (not on the album) and it draws the parallel of water wearing away rocks to get to where its going, not changing your course for what you believe. We thought it suited the story of our journey, the water crashing through all obstacles to fulfill its destiny. Strength, determination, commitment! I just checked your videos to „Pray“ and „Mountain“. How much fun is it for you guys producing videos? …. and besides … how hard war is to bring all the stuff into the mountains?

Paul: Videos can be a lot of fun but there’s always a lot of hard work. Our bus got stuck several times during the filming of mountains, it was a long drive, we had a very sparse crew and it was bitterly cold! You’re touring New Zealand where you’re Rock Stars right now . What are your plans for 2017 …. when will you show up in Europe and especially Germany?

Paul: 2017 is looking very busy for us so far! We don’t have dates confirmed for Europe just yet but we are working on them and definately want to be over there and especially in our favourite country Germany just as soon as we can in the new year. We will keep you posted!! Are you well connected with HALESTORM yet?

Paul: We haven’t met them yet but we are really looking forward to it. They have a fantastic work ethic and a similar family connection like our band does. They sound like a lot of fun. Do you have any expectations regarding your new album to open new doors in your career?

Paul: I guess every band hopes to open new doors with every release but we didn’t go into this album expecting anything like this. We just wanted to make the album as good as we could and make ourselves proud first and foremost! Finally …. what’s the biggest advantage of coming from New Zealand?

Paul: We love our little slice of paradise here, the people are lovely, the scenery is spectacular, great beer, our rugby team is the best in the world and our geographical isolation can really be a great thing sometimes. Thank you very much.

Paul: Thanks you Dennis, we appreciate your time very much. Can’t wait to get back to your lovely country!