OVERKILL / … and forever more … OVERKILL !!!

Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth and Dennis Rowehl

OVERKILL’s still amazing !!! Go and watch these guys live on stage … pure energy and rotten to the core. Right before the show in Cologne I met Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth to talk about life on the road and the future of METAL …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic 1: entertaim.net, pic 2: Nuclear Blast

entertaim.net: Hey Bobby, nice to meet you. Well, I saw you a couple of times live on stage and I’m still amazed about how much energy’s still inside OVERKILL. So how do you keep yourself ind such a good condition for doing so many great shows?

Bobby: Good drugs, just take good drugs and don’t buy ‚em on the streets (laughing)

entertaim.net: (laughing)

Bobby: Well, there are a couple of keys. First of all it’s the desire to perform! And when you play 90-minutes-shows on 30 days in a row, then 30 days in the United States and then festivals, if you put all the shows together, it’s about 100 shows and that’s a perfect cardio workout. For me it’s another key: „Drink water in the afternoon, drink beer when the sun goes down!“ (laughing)

entertaim.net: So I think you’re still kinda blessed to be able to be on stage and play in front of your fans …

Bobby: Oh yeah … that’s the way we like to live. The next show is always the most important show and it’s always exciting and I’m still a little nervous! It’s a mentallity and a psychological trick but it works and so touring is still a big excitement.

entertaim.net: You recorded so many albums and wrote so many songs. How do you still get your inspirations from? Do you like to sound like Overkill or do you like to sound different sometimes?

Bobby: Well, at the end Overkill is Overkill! We never had an identity crisis, we know who we are and where we come from. In our heads we think we’ve been changing all the time but these evolutions happened very slowly. DD was in the writing team right from the beginning and he’s got so many riffs inside his head, then I put vocals on it and we record all these ideas … and in the end it’s still Overkill. That’s it.

entertaim.net: In Europe, especially there are so many great Rock and Metal festivals and it’s still a good market for Metal. What about the US?

Bobby: Germany is more compact with 80 million people than the USA with more than 300 million people. There are still the wild frontiers! It’s hard to tour between the Mississippi river and the Grand Canyon cause there are not that many people to show up (laughing) but we still have bigger shows in the US than in Germany. The last time we played in Anahein we got more than 1.500 people …

entertaim.net: What about the age of your fans?

Bobby: It’s a mix between old school fans and new young fans, especially in Texas, Florida, Arizona and California. It’s imigration. So especially young Latino kids have the opportunity to see Overkill, so there are lots of new fans and Metal is still huge in the US. Maybe you can say that Germany is a Metal country, in the States you pick up the locations where Metal still works. The coasts always work. The imigration changed the music market and especially the Latino boys and girls like Heavy Metal. Even in L.A. there’s still a scene. In Germany we’ve got to be careful not to overplay. In the US we play the big cities …

entertaim.net: Do you also play in Middle- or South America?

Bobby: Sure, but not an entire tour. It’s about selected shows. Mexico, Costa Rica … and we pick up special places to enjoy life (laughing). Nice beaches, cold drinks …

entertaim.net: So life’s still interesting for Overkill …

Bobby: Of course, for me touring’s still fun! Go to the cool places, hang out at the beaches with your wife, get some fresh tacos an a cool mojito. I really like what I do and it still excites me. Once my niece asked me about my profession and I answered: „I’m a metalhead, musician and I manage the band, so I’m a business person“ and she asked „Yeah, but what do you actually do? Tell me about Overkill!“ and I said: „All I do is make myself happy and it feels that I’m not working!“ (laughing)

entertaim.net: Bobby, last question. I really like your merchandise stuff. Who’s taking care about it?

Bobby: When downloads took over you had to reinvent yourself and turn into a brand. So everything goes over my desk and I decide if there’s something to change, … the color, the size of the eyes etc. …. I’m running business and if people say they love our merchandise I think I’m doing a great job (laughing).

entertaim.net: It was a pleasure talking to you and I’m looking forward to see you show. Thank you very much!

Bobby: You’re welcome, Dennis.

Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth and Overkill