Femme Halen on entertaimnet

FEMME HALEN – Grace Richardson (vox), Roseann Aldrete (gtr), Jennifer Paro (b) and Chrissy Marquez – also known as COUGRZZ – are rocking the cradle !!! We had the chance to see this extraordinary Van Halen tribute band supporting the IRON MAIDENS at the Paladino’s in California kicking ass and surprising with high class Rock’n’Roll entertainment. So we scheduled an interview with drummer Chrissy.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / pic by courtesy of Femme Halen

entertaim.net: Hi, I saw you in North L.A. supporting THE IRON MAIDENS at the Paladino’s and I really enjoyed your show. When did you start FEMME HALEN? And why covering VAN HALEN?

Chrissy Marquez: Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. We have worked hard to bring the genius of Van Halen to current audiences with a female twist. We launched the project in early 2016. When we discussed the tribute band concept, we thought it was important to choose a band that we respected and we have the perfect female counterparts to David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen with Grace and Rosie!

entertaim.net: I’ve never seen a band covering a Van Halen song such as „Poundcake“ from the Sammy Hagar era … you also concentrate on the early classic David Lee Roth stuff. Is there a certain reason?

Chrissy: In our tribute project, we want to emulate the behaviorisms and sound/vibe of each individual musician in the band. It’s like a character study in acting. We felt that to be authentic, we should focus on one personality, and Grace is a natural entertainer and a perfect fit for Diamond Dave!

entertaim.net: Alright! Tribute bands – especially AC/DC tribute bands – are also very famous in Germany. Are there any intentions to come over to Germany or Europe to play some shows with local tribute bands?

Chrissy: We hope to travel overseas to play to audiences who enjoy the music of Van Halen!

entertaim.net: You’re going to play the „Rocking for the cure“-Fest. Can you tell us more about it?

Chrissy: This concert is a charity fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Oraganization. We are raising money and awareness for Team Pechanga. The concert will take place in their concert venue. The theatre holds 1200 people!! We will be playing with four other fantastic bands, including The Iron Maidens!

entertaim.net: What’s your favorite Halen song?

Chrissy: (laughing) Too many favorites to mention, although, we really enjoy playing Ice Cream Man.

entertaim.net: Yeah we saw it live … Grace really seemed to enjoy performing that song! Well, did Van Halen already took notice of you guys?

Chrissy: Not yet, but we hope they will soon.

entertaim.net: That would be awesome ! By the way, what’s the next step? A US-Tour?

Chrissy: We are currently working on expanding our set list and partnering with some other all female tribute bands to plan shows throughout the US and beyond!

entertaim.net: Cool! Thanks alot and hope to see you soon …. possibly supporting the Maidens in Germany!

Chrissy: You’re welcome, Dennis.