Vaja and Dennis Rowehl

Los Angeles. The city of changes, the city of entertainment. Finally I met her personally. VAJA … the attractive enigma and creative all-rounder who combines different music styles always ready for surprises. She lives the LA-style, loves this city of all controversies, she was the voice of „The Umbrella Corporation“ and MUCH MORE! Vaja about her new plans, music, movies, L.A. and Milla Jovovich …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photo 1 by / photo 2 by courtesy of Vaja. Hi Vaja, really great to meet you face to face. Is Los Angeles still the best place to be for you? What are the biggest advantages for you right here?

Vaja: Hi Dennis, it was so nice to finally meet you in person as well! Los Angeles is my home and I absolutely love it here! LA is the mecca of the Entertainment Business and anyone with dreams within our industry can make them come true much faster here because we have a market. Are you still working for the UMBRELLA CORPORATION?

Vaja: (laughing) I wish I was!! I just had the honorable opportunity to be the „Voice of The Umbrella Corporation“ in the latest film Resident Evil: Retribution starring Milla Jovovich. Awesome! Well, let’s start with your music … You released a virtual EP with Serenity. How was the feedback so far?

Vaja: We had amazing reviews on our “One Nation” EP and we we’re stoked to reach Top 50 on Beatport. What’ s the next musical step? You told me something about a show featuring a DJ and possibly with your guitar as well …. can you tell us some more details?

Vaja: I’m in the process of booking one off shows as the opening act before the main DJ sets. It will consist of me singing live and sometimes playing instruments like guitar & piano along with my DJ spinning our music. You’re also involved in the film business, as a networker and also actress. Can you tell us?

Vaja: As a performer, acting comes naturally to me and I love films. I had the opportunity to be in big budget films such as: „Bad Boys II“, „2 Fast 2 Furious“ and „Any Given Sunday“. I studied acting, theatre & the art of film in College so I have a deep passion for the Film Industry as well. I’ve also started to get into film scoring and music supervising for films. What are the next steps or projects in the career of Vaja?

Vaja: My goal is to continue the path of performing live again and to keep creating innovative Electronic Dance Music for the masses. I’m very open-minded and always love any new projects and business ventures that interests me. Finally … what is your secret to keep yourself in a perfect shape?

Vaja: I always eat healthy with 2 cheat days a week, plus I try to workout for 15 minutes a day. Vaja, thank you very much and good luck for the future.

Vaja: Thank you, Dennis

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