Katya Clover on entertaim.net

Back from the summer break ENTERTAIM.NET presents stunning KATYA CLOVER. She’s young & hot … the exotic & erotic model from Russia about shootings and her life as a nude model.

Interview: D. Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Katya Clover – (c) by Vlad Kleverov

entertaim.net: You’re a famous model and also erotic model. When did you start modeling?

Katya: I started modeling 4 years ago and realized what I always wanted to do.

entertaim.net: You used to have many features such as w4b and now you had some Playboy shootings. Is is almost fun or even a hard job?

Katya: For me modeling is still fun and kind of a hobby as I work only with people I like personally and the style of their work. Sometimes the schedule is really full and we work a lot, but still if the process is creative it’s wonderful and I get pleasure from it (laughing).

entertaim.net: What’s the best part of modeling? Traveling?

Katya: (laughing) You are right! Traveling and meeting interesting people, real artistic photographers with whom I am honored to work and create beauty. That’s still fun!

entertaim.net: I read you live in Los Angeles right now? This might be wrong … so? And besides …. do you love beach shooting?

Katya: Well, I’ve never been in Los Angeles …. unfortunately not but I really want to visit L.A. I am from Sakhalin island, far East of Russia, it’s very close to Japan. But now I travel a lot, so I can say that I live everywhere a little bit (smiling) …. and yes, I like beach shootings.

entertaim.net: You started direct marketing with your website 2clovers.com – Are you doing everything on your own or do you have professional support?

Katya: Yes, the idea of my site was about nudism and how fun it can be, I dont work only by my own, I have professional support.

entertaim.net: What kind of shooting would you like to do? Maybe something dangerous or totally crazy?

Katya: My favorite kind of shooting is artistic nude, it can be crazy sometimes but in a good way (laughing), I also like fashion nude shootings, I find them very erotic and real live nude shooting are also very natural and incredible to shoot.

entertaim.net: What are your projects in the near future? Are there some great new features in progress yet?

Katya: I have some projects where I take part … such as like Orgasm World championship, it’s about women orgasm, a very important thing in our life. I also have some private projects that I am going to shoot soon but it’s secret for now … you will see!

entertaim.net: Do you have a personal Top-3 list of your most attractive outfits to go out?

Katya: Well, I like boyfriend jeans, with low rise. I prefer to wear them with crop top, that looks very sexy. I also like my small dresses, light and playful, and high-rise jeans shorts. I could wear them everywere … and long silky dresses with no panties … especially in the summer (laughing)

entertaim.net: Thank you very, very much …

Katya: My pleasure !

Katya Clover on entertaimnet