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She’s a Rock musician, a Rock promoter and now she creates fashion and jewelry for Rock Stars: Eva Breznikar, CEO and designer of her own company EvilEve … and she’s ready to rumble! We had the chance to talk to her about her musical background and her big plans with her company.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy pf EVILEVE, (c) by Tjasha Vinkovic (bottom) and Matjash Fartek (top)

entertaim.net: Hi Eva, you worked in the music – especially Rock music business and you created your own fashion label EVILEVE – handmade jewelry, bags and more. How are things going?

Eve: Before starting my own leather business, I was a touring musician with MakeUp2 and Laibach. MakeUp2 was a female rock band, we have released three studio albums, numerous singles, and several music videos. In 2011 I started working with 4 male musicians in a rock band called EvilEve. From 2003 to 2009 I went on several world tours with Laibach as a percussionist and backup vocalist. Meanwhile I have also collaborated with other established artists such as Theatres Des Vampires, The Stroj, and Retro Theatre along with participating as a judge on the national singing show Glasborola. In recent years I have written lyrics for other bands and worked as a studio musician. During my music career I often needed a bold, unusual accessory to wear onstage. Fellow musicians, actresses and other Slovenian celebrities loved the unique look and began to ask me for their own cuffs, belts, purses, guitar straps, and other accessories. Eventually my hobby turned into a full occupation as I have opened my own store and design studio downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia.

entertaim.net: You’re located in the heart of Slovenia. Do you distribute via mail-order or even via your own shop?

Eve: I do both. But people who come to my shop can also see how things are made – on the spot. I make everything from scratch and I have a lot of custom made orders. The funny thing is that here is a kind of natural selection at the entrance already: whoever doesn’t like me or my stuff, doesn’t enter the boutique anyway. So I usually end up with really cool people and I often invite them to join me in my workshop located one floor down in the building, where things are being made and where I have a nice chill out place for friends and regular customers. Approximately half of the clients come from abroad – usually they come from USA, UK, Germany, Austria and Australia.

entertaim.net: There’s lots of competition but on the other hand you promise a unique style. How important is quality and individualism?

Eve: I don’t care about competition. I follow my heart. I don’t even follow any other fashion designers, I don’t care what is IN or what is OUT. I simply create what I like. I don’t have any plans and designs – I just sit down and my hands start cutting the leather. It is the same muse as in music – whenever the muse is there, my hands start working. I think people somehow recognize that and later often say that when you wear an EvilEve accessory, you can really feel that it has been handcrafted with love. And that is more than any artist could wish for. I use only top quality materials, all of it originates from EU or/and USA. There are already some copycats but they will always be at least one step behind me. My clients know how to differentiate the original from a copy and have respect for the handicraft heritage, uniqueness and quality. All my items have the quality certificate Slovenija Art&Craft by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

entertaim.net: Do you have any intentions to show up at international fashion fairs?

Eve: I have attended the largest handicraft fair in the world in MIlan, Italy, in December 2015. I got the Artigiano In Fiera Award.

entertaim.net: What kind of people belong to your target group?

Eve: People who dare to wear. People that like unique stuff and prefer quality over low price. People that prefer natural materials over plastic. You can really combine EvilEve items with all sorts of styles and that is my big advantage, besides that most of the items can be worn in multiple ways and are really comfortable.

entertaim.net: What’s behind the name „EVILEVE“? Is it fashion for wicked people?

Eve: (laughing) EvilEve was my high school nickname. The brand is a one-man-band: I make everything from scratch, from the initial idea to the last stud I add to a certain item. I am my own boss, my own salesperson, cleaning lady, and my own model. At the first glance you would assume that only artists (‚weird people‘, haha) would like these accessories, but you would be surprised how many ‚ordinary‘ people wear EvilEve: from classy style dressed up lawyers and doctors to funky style dressed up computer engineers, bookkeepers and many others. A lot of people who like casual jeans&T-shirt style love to enhance their styling with an EvilEve item. And you would be surprised that I make quite a lot of jewelry for special occasions like weddings etc. Most of the pieces that I make are bold and unusual but I make minimalistic classy items, too.

entertaim.net: What will be the next step for EVILEVE?

Eve: A collaboration with SCALA Guitars in LA, USA. Their guitars are real masterpieces, in terms of sound and their look as well. I’m going to make guitar straps exclusively for them. Otherwise my future plans include a franchise in Germany. Not only to improve my German (laughing) … but because I know Germans dare to wear and they really like my stuff. I think we share the passion for unusual fashion. And it is a really special feeling when I see someone wearing EvilEve looking awesome and that is more than any money can buy.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much and good luck for the future …

Eva: You’re welcome and thank you, Dennis.

EvilEve on entertaimnet