Reyhan Karaca at entertaimnet

She’s a Turkish superstar and famous for her professional high-end videos. We took the chance to talk to Reyhan Karaca about her new video „Kelebek“, her musical plans and more …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Reyhan Karaca – (c) by Safa Gülsoy Hi Reyhan, you’re a famous Turkish Popstar. I just saw your video „Kelebek“ which means „butterfly“. How successful is this song so far? What are the lyrics about?

R.K.: Hi Dennis, „Kelebek“ is going very well, it’s been just two weeks already and had a very good feedback. This song is about a woman that is separated from her loved one and having another happy life without him and without turning back. Your videos are really international high-end-productions and the video of your song „Sobe“ got more than 1,2 Million hits on youtube …. Congratulation! How important are videos and how much fun is it … producing videos?

R.K.: In my last five music videos, I worked with the director Gökhan Özdemir and the image-maker Isac Angel. Three of them were shot in U.S.A. I am very happy about all of them as they all were beautiful. My team is wonderful. They are also my friends and we are having great fun while making those videos. I am sharing some moments on instagram. As mentioned your videos have got an international flair but you sing exclusively in Turkish for the domestic market. Have you ever thought about a second version in English for a bigger target group?

R.K.: We had been thinking about this for my song SOBE but it did not happen. I am keeping this intention for the coming projects. We are having some interesting plans with my producer friend Volkan Gücer in Germany. How do you keep yourself in a perfect shape? Gym or a special diet?

R.K.: Last year I started boxing and I am already doing pilates for two years. I lost 14 kilos with a special diet. I am still careful and try to keep my lifestyle under serious control. Wow … that’s amazing! Besides … What are your plans for 2016? Any huge projects in progress?

R.K.: After „Kelebek“’s release, new doors are being opened. We already gave start to a new project. The summer are bringing up concert requests. My radio program will go on with excitement. You really make a point of looking really attractive and stylish! Do you have a Top-3-list of your favourite outfits when you go out at weekends and one NO-Go?

R.K.: My favorites are thorn jeans and lousy T-shirts 🙂 In general, I like to dress casual, except in special night out or parties. I like to wear what looks good on me. On stage I dress a little different than daily life. More sportsware so to say. Do you have a final statement for your fans in Germany?

R.K.: Germany is our second homeland, due to the Turkish population living there. I am having many fans there. For concert deals, I have confidence to my business partner in Cologne called Muzikal Entertainment. Thank you very much …

R.K.: I thank you very much Dennis for building a bridge to my fans in Germany. I wish to come there soon. I send my warmest regards to staff and to all my fans !

Reyhan Karaca at entertaimnet