SPIDERGAWD / More Spidergawd than anything else … Interview with Per!

Martin hannig und Spidergawd

When it’s up to real old school new sounding hard rocking bands from Norway, nobody’s gonna miss SPIDERGAWD. With their third album in a row – simply called III – they are about to really make some history. They entered the scene 2 years ago mostly known for having two Motorpsycho members within the band, thus falsely labeled as a Motorpsycho side project. But speaking to Per Borton, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, one can say: no, it’s the SPIDERGAWD, it’s his band, with it’s own little history to unfold.

entertaim.net’s Martin Hannig had the chance to chat with Per right before their mindblowing gig at Gebäude 9 in Cologne. Per – whose main job is producing music in Norway – was in a relaxed before-the-gig-mood. He was starting the interview by explaining his very close relation to Germany, as his wife is german and they use to holiday in Germany every year…. / pic by courtesy of noisolution.

entertaim.net: So with that close contacts to Germany is it going well for you and the band over here?

Per: Yeah, this is a Wednesday night and we are almost going to be sold out! And the gigs we’ve done so far, in Bremen, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Groningen, they were all almost sold out. That’s great for us. You know on Sunday or Monday I would never go out even if it was my favourite band (laughs). I really appreciate to see that many people when we come, it’s touching.

entertaim.net: Can I say SPIDERGAWD is kind of YOUR band?

Per: (thinks about it)… Ya.

entertaim.net: You started it all…

Per: … and I’m the songwriter. And I’m the one who records it.

entertaim.net: You’ve been to Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and there is more to come like Italy, so it’s a real European thing….

Per: Yes and we had gigs in Denmark – two were great, one was really shite. And we played there in the summer at the Roskilde Festival.

entertaim.net: Oh no, it’s my festival, I’m there since I don’t know when, every year. Man I missed you! Which stage did you play?

Per: I don’t know, but the guy after us was this german guy with his electronic drone and his church organ – (he means Nils Frahm) he was a nice artist too! So it was very nice there, a lot of people came, and the vibe was really great.

entertaim.net: Did you attend Roskilde before as a fan? I mean there are a lot of Norwegians….

Per: I been there once. You know it’s kind of the biggest festival in Norway (laughs).

entertaim.net: Listening to I,II,III in a row, I was thinking of III being quite different – according to sound and the integration of saxophone, which has a more prominent part I guess. Am I right or wrong?

Per: Well… the studio engineer and me – we own the studio together – we’ve been really working hard to make the album sound like the way we sound as a live band. That’s the big difference! So there is more saxophone on the last album because that’s the way it is live. So you have bass on one side and the guitar on the other side, and the only instrument on both stereo sides is the saxophone. So you are right about that.

entertaim.net: Did you have a different approach to that last album in terms of songwriting and recording? Like the Lighthouse-Trilogy at the end, for me it’s like the essence of what SPIDERGAWD is about. First part quite catchy, and in the end it’s like Jimi Hendrix jamming Voodoo Chile….

Per: Oh yes, right. That song, I had the ideas together, but I really worked that out with Kenneth, our drummer. That song is even more true to the SPIDERGAWD live act than the other songs on that album. It’s more SPIDERGAWD than anything else I’ve ever done!

entertaim.net: That was my first reaction to that song! Lookin at it and see the core of the band…

Per: Yes that is the truth. And it’s kind of scary thing to say! Because most songs are not like that…. But if we would choose a song, this song is what we feel is what the band most likely is all about.

entertaim.net: Will there be an album IV in the future?

Per: Well what I said before our last record: if it’s going to be appreciated by the fans and if it will take us further, there definitely will be number IV and I think number V also. And the album received good reviews all over, that’s fine for us.

entertaim.net: There is the current live outfit of SPIDERGAWD without Bent on bass. Does that mean he’s only the studio bass player?

Per: Well sometimes he plays live – but in these days he hasn’t time at all. You know he was recording that new Motorpsycho album, and in a few weeks he’s on the road with Motorpsycho. So he simply couldn’t play with us. But we have our incredible bass player Hallvard Gaardløs, and he really nails it down. He’s a big fan of Bent you know.

entertaim.net: There’s obviously a very high amount of productivity in the Motorpsycho/Spidergawd region…. You made 3 records in nearly 2 years I guess, and Motorpsycho – well they seem to kick out one album a year since 25 years or so. Why you are doing it that fast?

Per: (thinks): You know, Bent and me, we both were raised up on farms. There always was work to do for us, and that’s what we kept doing all the time. We just don’t know it any other way.

entertaim.net: So have a nice gig tonight!!

…. and he had, and we had….