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Dangerous curves …  model Anastasiya Kvitko has got lots of these curves and with her amazing body she’s ready for big business! We scheduled an interview with bombshell Anastasiya about Moscow, Miami and her career …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Anastasiya Kvitko and her management, (c) pic top by Iryna Sokolovskaya / (c) pic bottom by Dmitry Plyusnin Hello Anastasiya, you’re a famous model in Moscow. What’s the biggest advantage living in Moscow? Is there a great market for models?

Anastasiya Kvitko: The living in Moscow is the good place to work because here are many photographers who want to work with me, amazing studios with unbelievable interiors where you could find good backgrounds for photos. The model business is very badly developed like many things in Russia but I could say that this is best place in Russia to work as a model. I read that on some platforms people describe you as the Russian „version“ of Swedish model Ines aka Ini Helene. What do you think about that?

A.K.: I have heard one or two times about people comparing me with her, but I found many articles where people compare me also with Kim Kardashian. Authors of articles call me the new Kim Kardashian (smiling) and I heard many times from comments of followers that I’m even better than Kim. And it is very strange that somebody could compare me with these kind of girls from Instagram. I’m not using photoshop to edit my figure in IG (laughing) … like so many other girls do. I post videos where my figure matches to my figure posted in photos. That is one thing that followers loves, that I shows truth and no fake pics. Are there any intentions of doing shooting in the USA or any other international country?

A.K.: Actually, this year I have participated in shootout for Kanye West brand clothing in Arizona. And now I’m living in Miami. I have a shootouts from day after day, it’s always exciting working with lots of different photographers – it’s always different and interesting, everybody has got a unique style and they are kind and professional and chose interesting locations. When did you start modeling and when did you get your first implants?

A.K.: My first modeling was in 2013 when I come to Moscow. I was invited by famous photographer that worked in Paris with fashion models. Besides … with his very amazing style he tried to make shootouts with me and my shapes. But in Moscow I didn’t even wanted to become a model because in Russia people prefer skinny models, a model must have a tall height and she must be very thin to enter in model business. I didn’t have any of these parameters. But my x-boyfriend liked Hip-Hop, basketball and listened to Rap music, so he convinced me that my figure was amazing and I was happy about this. After I registered in Instagram, people were amazed, so I started to realize what I could see from comments of followers: That I’m one of this kind of models that got lots of great feedback from the US. I have a figure that women must have! In Russia at that time nobody liked big butts and shapes, but in the TV and fashion world in the US it’s totally different. Honestly, it was good that my exboyfriend had his strong opinion about how a woman should look like …. now I receive many commercial proposes and the main funny thing is in the meanime that I already got proposes even from Russia … isn’t it ironic? (laughing) In the US I think that customers act like they have never seen women like me before and I feel the respect. Many of my fans are from America, too and I really like to work and live there. Now my fanbase is still growing … and I want to say THANK YOU to everybody ….  especially to my fans from Germany …. cause this is an interview for a German magazine (smiling)! What’s the best part of modeling for you?

A.K.: The first thing it that I love what I do! It’s a passion for me, modeling is more than a job! Modeling offers lots of opportunities to me …. and also money … and money gives you the opportunity to be free, to do whatever you like …. and  besides modeling also means traveling and I love it (laughing). Thank you very much … and good luck for the future!

A.K.: My pleasure !!! Thank you!

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