Hysterica on entertaimnet

Lead singer Anni De Vil about the new EP, musical plans, Crucified Barbara, Lemmy and the sexual harassments of Cologne …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / picture by courtesy of Gordeon

entertaim.net: Hey … how was the feedback on your brand new EP „All in“ so far?

Anni: Hi, we have gotten really great response on the EP both from fans and media. It feels good that our fans enjoy our new sound, it means a lot to us.

entertaim.net: Your style reminded me a little bit of Crucified Barbara. Have you ever shared the stage?

Anni: (laughing) Even though we have changed our sound towards more Classic Hard Rock, we still are a Heavy Metal band. They are very good and … Yes, we both played at Sweden Rock Festival 2009.

entertaim.net: What are your next plans to promote the EP? An extended tour and a video?

Anni: We are planning on a new music video that will be released this spring. We went on tour in Germany, Holland and Belgium just a couple of months ago but we really wanna hit the road soon again.

entertaim.net: Let’s talk about something different … the tragic and disgusting sexual harassments against young women and even rape which happened on NYE in Cologne, mostly caused by so-called refugees … I guess you might have heard about these cruel offenses. Do you feel concerned or even scared about what’s happening right now in Europe?

Anni: We live in a modern society, but many people lack respect and think they have the right to do whatever they want. It is terrible when people don’t respect another persons human rights. It is not human to commit sexual crimes!

entertaim.net:Let’s get back to music. I think that Lemmy was a huge inspiration for you … will you play „Ace of Spades“ on tour as a tribute?

Anni: That might not be a bad idea! it is so sad that Lemmy has left us. He influenced so many people and made a lot to highlight female musicians.

entertaim.net: When will you release your next entire album?

Anni: We have not set a date yet but we hope that we will manage to release a new album next year.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much

Anni: You’re welcome …