Eli on entertaimnet

Let’s introduce bombshell and beautiful urban Pop Star ELI from Slovenia … we interviewed her about her current music and plans.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / photos by courtesy of ekskluzivno

entertaim.net: Hi Eli, you cooperate with ekskluzivno which is definitely a huge contact especially in Slovenia. How does this feel?

Eli: Hey Dennis, yes, its a pleasure to work with such a great agency and Kaly Kolonič, who is running it.

entertaim.net:Especially in the Pop-music-genre it’s hard to sell entire albums. How do you plan your releases? Just digital or entire albums on CD?

Eli: I am releasing singles for now, its a better choice at this moment for me, but im definitely planning on releasing an album in the near future. Yes, it’s hard but I don’t think its impossible, especially if the album is in English and there is enough fan base behind a musician.

entertaim.net: Is there another video in progress?

Eli: Im working on my new single, i will probably shoot a video for it.

entertaim.net: If you had an unlimited budget for a video. What would you do?

Eli: (laughing) I wouldn’t go to crazy, I would hire a proper professional team that could create something special. A music video even if it doesn’t seem at first can cost thousands of euros. So unlimited budget would be awesome.

entertaim.net: Slovenia is definitely small country but also full of great musicians. What are your plans to present yourself to a bigger audience? Do you have  shows also in Croatia and Italy in mind? Or maybe Germany?

Eli: I definitely am going to record some music in English, just because the lyrics in English come more naturally to me and basically everything sounds better in English that in Slovenian language. English is the language of Pop Music. Besides I could reach much bigger audience with songs in English.

entertaim.net: 6. Do you have a statement for your fans?

Eli: Thank you for the love and support, the journey has barely started and I have so much more to show to everyone, can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Much love to you, peace

entertaim.net: Eli, thank you very much …

Eli: Thank you very much!

Eli & Dennis Rowehl