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Red, hot & heavy … no … & sexy! We interviewed stunning US-model Nirvana Crystal from Pittsburgh about her crush on martial arts, her hottest dresses and current projects … and Nirvana reveals even more facets of her life.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pictures by courtesy of Nirvana Crystal – (c) by Photographer: Brian Hanna of Photos On Call Hi Nirvana, how you’re doing? I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve?

Nirvana: Hi Dennis! I had an awesome New Year’s Eve! Thank you! Hope you did as well! You are a Babe of MMA. What’s so fascinating about martial arts?

Nirvana: I love MMA! It’s such a fast-paced, adrenaline pumped sport! You never know what’s going to happen! Being a Cage Diva for World Cagefighting Championships has been one of my favorite modeling jobs over the years! The fighters give it their all and I get to watch cage side, which is a plus! You’re also a successful model … you won many contests and you’ve got lots of magazine features and calendars. What’s the best part of working as a model?

Nirvana: The best part of being a model is traveling to places all over the world and getting to meet new people! I truly enjoy experiencing the beauty in other cities and sparking up conversations with locals. I feel like you learn a lot from others and it’s a true blessing. What kind of projects and shootings will you have in the near future?

Nirvana: Well I just got the cover model spot in the 2016 Miss Red Hot calendar, so in sure I’ll be promoting that a lot this year. Other than that, I have more MMA fights coming and I’m going to be working hard to get published more this year! I saw this photo of you in the Hard Rock Cafe’ posing with a guitar. Can you play music and do you like Rock music?

Nirnana: (laughing) No, I cannot play the guitar, I just got to pose with one and pretend, which was pretty awesome! I like all types of music! One of my favorite types is punk rock. I love The Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, Pennywise and Strung Out! Have you ever thought about acting in a cool music video?

Nirvana: I have thought about it! I’ve never had the opportunity, but if it did arise, I would definitely be all about it! Maybe I could even play my pretend guitar again! (laughing) You live in Pittsburgh but obviously you really like bikini shootings … so Pittsburgh might not be the perfect location for you (laughing) … wouldn’t it be a challenge moving to Miami or Los Angeles cause of the nice beaches and the sunny weather?

Nirvana: (laughing) It would be horrible! I love traveling to the beach and wouldn’t mind living there, especially LA. But, as they say, there’s just something about Pittsburgh. Being born and raised here, it has my heart. You published the photo with the dolphin. Would you like to do more real shootings with animals?

Nirvana: Awe! I loved swimming with the dolphins even though I was scared because I’m not a great swimmer. It would be awesome to do more shoots with real animals! I’d love to shoot with my puppy Hefe! He’s the cutest! I may be a little biased though! (smiling) Let’s get to the last one …. do you have a Top-3-list of your favorite hottest outfits to go out ?

Nirvana: Hmmmm. That’s a tough one! It really depends on where I am! I love wearing leather leggings and high boots with a tank top and leather jacket! But, swimsuits are also a must have! Thank you very much …

Nirvana: Thank you, Dennis …

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