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THE GLORIA STORY – the Christmas 2015-interview: A rather new Rock’n’Roll band who supported Quireboys and released the new album in order to rock all over the world. We had an interview right before X-Mas about the tour, the album and ROCK N ROLL …

Interview with singer Filip Rapp, by Dennis Rowehl – pic by courtesy of Pirate Smile I think, for a Rock’n’Roll band it’s always fun living on the road and play shows. How does it feel supporting the legendary QUIREBOYS?

Filip: It’s been great! We grew up as big fans of The Quireboys, so it’s been an amazing experience getting to know them for real. Both bands are „the hard working kind“ – wich means we show up on time, to do a professional job. After all, the audience payed good money to see a good show. We saved all the partying until after the concerts, and had a blast hanging out with fans all over Europe. From listening to Pauls stories from 30 years on the road, to exhanging advice on how to take care of your voice with Spike it’s been really interesting. Like a lesson in rock and roll! What’s the best part when you hit the stage?

Filip: To see the audiences reaction! We are a high energy rock band, who really gives 100% on stage. When people cheer for us it fuels us with energy, and makes us work even harder. Also, on this tour, it’s been really cool to play all our new songs from GREETINGS FROM ELECTRIC WASTELAND. It’s always interesting to see how the crowd reacts to the new material and it seems like the songs have been a hit every night. Especially in the fall there’s a big competition of so many bands touring the small and medium venues … do you have any expectations about how many fans will show up?! !

Filip: We hade somewhere between 150 and 350 fans every night, wich was about as many as I though would show up. We are very happy with the support from the crowd in every country! You released a couple of videos …. how much fun is this?

Filip: I love doing videos! It’s like an extention of the music and it’s really fun to be involved in the script-process, coming up with different ideas on how to make the music come alive on camera. Sometimes we also get to hang out with beautiful girls, taking part in the video shoot. Always nice. If I’m right you already supported Black Star Riders … which band you’d really like to support?!

Filip: Yes, the Black Star Riders tour was amazing. Really nice guys. And getting to Know Scott Gorham who is one of my big heroes in life was really cool. We would love to do a tour with Imperial State Electric at some point. Or perhaps a reunited Hellacopters. The ultimate dream would be to tour with Kiss or AC/DC offcourse, but that’s a bit out of our leauge. What are your plans for 2016?

Filip: We will release the latest album on vinyl, with some bonus tracks. Hopefully the touring with Quireboys will continue. And we’re aiming at doing a bunch of festivals this summer. First out is Hard Rock Hell-festival on Ibiza in May. We are also planning to release a „live-in-studio“ EP with a couple of new songs that we really feel srong for. But we want a raw approach, basically setting up our gear and play everything as a band. You will see plenty of more of The Gloria Story in 2016! Thank you.

Filip: Thank YOU!