Erika Szakal on entertaimnet

Hungarian model Erika Szakal moved to Miami making her dreams come true … shootings are her business and business is good. We had an interview with her about Miami and her future projects …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Erika Szakal – (c) Patrick Adams Hi Erika, you live in Miami … definitely a great place to be …. what’s the biggest advantage for a model in Miami?

Erika: Yes, I live in Miami … it’s an amazing place to be … I love it, especially for photoshoots cause it’s hot and sunny nearly a whole year. Sun, beaches and so many diffent places and styles we can work with. I’m very lucky to live in a place like this. You’ve got lots of different pictures in different roles … how much fun is it playing different characters during the photo shoots?

Erika: I love changing and stepping into different characters, it’s so much fun I can be whoever I want to be (laughing), that’s the best part. It’s a great way to express all the different sides of me. What are your projects in the near future?

Erika: I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I wanted with modeling for a while. I’m just getting more and more serious about it now. Well, I have lots of plans and ideas I’m working on right now. I cannot tell right now but stay tuned (laughing). I have a couple of upcoming magazine features during the summer time that I’ll be working on. It’s gonna be interesting and sexy (smiling). I do manage myself but I am looking to change that next year. I would love to have some people to help me go even further in my career. Have you ever thought about acting, too?

Erika: (laughing) Acting ?! Me?! No, I don’t know … mmhh, never thought about it yet (laughing) but you never know! Great idea, Dennis. You’re welcome! I like the pictures with the deer … how interesting are shootings with animals for you?

Erika: The deer, yes, that was amazing. I really love animals and I’m so happy to work with them, I’d wish to do more shootings like that! I’m up for it anytime! Let’s make it interesting and fun. What kind of shooting you’d really love to do?

Erika: What I like to do the most?! Mmhh, I like the challenge … I love anything glamour and sexy, that’s my style! What did you do on Christmas … did you go to Europe?

Erika: So excited. I spent Christmas with the people I love and honestly … I like cooking like crazy. Since I’m in Miami it was my first X-Mas-party … So this time I was not gonna be in Europe. I’ve been lucky about visiting so may different area in my life but I’m not planing to go back for a while at the moment. Thank you very, very nuch …. looking forward to get further info about future projects ….

Erika: (laughing) Definitely! Thank you so much for the chance, I hope we gonna meet again soon …

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