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ROCKSTAR FRAME is a brand new female-fronted Sleaze and Rock’n’Roll band from Italy which just has released the debut album called „Rock’n’Roll Mafia“. I talked to lead singer Faith Blurry about plans, videos and the Italian market.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pictures by courtesy of Rockstar Frame & Musicarchy Media Hello Faith, you have released your debut album „Rock’n’Roll Mafia“ which is definitely a funny title for an Italian band (laughing) How was the feedback so far?

Faith: Hey Dennis, first of all thanks for this interview and giving me the chance to talk about our music. Well, “Rock ’n’ Roll Mafia” was released via Kiara Laetitia’s Musicarchy Media last May. This album talks about our feelings, the way we live and rock. We’re five “frames”, each one with his or her own personality who see the world in different ways, so we tried to put together all of our good and bad times and that’s how “Rock ’n’ Roll Mafia” came out. I know, it’s a funny title for an Italian band, but we did it on purpose … we actually thought it was funny to associate these two worlds. What we meant is that the Rock ‘n’ Roll world is like a family to us, we are a family and everyone is free to join our “family” (hence the reference to mafia and family…). If you listen to the lyrics in “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia” you can totally get what I mean – join our family … it’s fun! The feedback from the media was awesome, we got excellent reviews all around Europe and it seems people really like our stuff. We’re now getting some interest from the US as well, which is great. Unfortunately, in Italy it’s so hard to take our show to a stage, because we play f****n’ Rock ’n’ Roll, you know. We’re not a tribute band and we write songs in English, so for Italians it’s still a bit hard to digest, they prefer pop songs sung in Italian … but we’re not giving up and keep on rockin’! We’re trying to bring our music outside of Italy, so we’ll see. So, the domestic market is not that big?

Faith: Yeah, unfortunately Italy is not cut out for this kind of music. Italians love Italian singers, or Justin Bieber … not that much room for Rock and Heavy Metal. All teens follow and like pop/dance music and this is what most venues look for these days. So it’s likely that they book only tribute bands because they appeal to more people than a band playing its own music. This is really sad. They don’t care if music is good or not, they don’t even listen to it, as long as it’s something they already know. But this kills creativity, it kills artists and music. At the same time, I understand venue owners and the fact that they have to make sure they fill up the venue because that’s how they can survive but I just wish club owners would take on a bit more risk, you know. Unfortunately there are really few chances for Hard Rock bands in Italy, so you can imagine that it’s tough to get some gigs and play music. You did a video to a song named „She’s hot“ … are more videos in progress? If you had an unlimited budget …. what kind of video you’d really like to do?

Faith: Yes, another video will come very soon! We’re in the pre-production process these days to shoot the video for our next single, “Cherry Boobs”, which will come out at the beginning of March, that’s when we will present our album to the US market officially. Shooting will take place in January. If we had an unlimited budget what kind of video would we like to do? Umm, I’d actually say we are really down-to-earth, not pretentious at all, we like to shoot everyday things … However, who wouldn’t like to shoot a video in style of “Estranged” by G’n’R or also something like “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC and “Runnin’ wild” by Airbourne in which Lemmy drives a truck: What the hell! Of course we’d like to do the same! I guess the sky is the limit! Will you come over to Germany to play some shows?

Faith: We would really love to! We do have a German distributor via Musicarchy Media and they’ve been working really well so far. We like Germany, Max (Klein – our drummer) has German roots, his grandfather came to Italy from Germany! Our management is trying to plan something but the main issue is the budget and figuring out how to get our butts over there without losing money, you know. I do hope it will be soon! Hope to party soon with all of you, German rockers! Sweden is a great place for female-fronted bands in Rock’n’Roll …. have you any connections to bands from there?

Faith: We don’t have any personal connection with female-fronted Swedish bands. In general, we like Crucified Barbara and Hardcore Superstar, even though HS have a male singer. Anyway, they kick ass, so it would be really cool to play some gigs with them. What’s the next step for RSF?

Faith: Lots of things are in the works. We will be shooting our next video soon, launch “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mafia” in the US, we’ve been shortlisted for the soundtrack of an American movie (I can’t say more at the moment … I’m sorry), planning gigs in Europe and we’re also writing songs for a new album. A lot is in the works and I wish I could reveal more details but we’re very excited … So, stay tuned! As soon as we have updates we will post them on our Facebook pages or our label’s page, website etc. Do you have a Top-5 list of your personal Fave-albums?

Faith: Probably I’d need at least a Top 10 Album list from which we take inspiration, but my Top 5 Album are:Guns ‘n’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction” at the top, followed by AC/DC Let There Be Rock”, Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip“, Big Brother And The Holding Company „Cheap Thrills“ and last but not least Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in The Night. Faith, thank you very much and hopefully we’ll meet soon in Germany ….

Faith: My pleasure … thanks, Dennis.

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