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DIEMONDS from Canada live the Rock’n’Roll style and by playing show after show this female-fronted band is climbing up the stairway to heaven of Rock. The new album „Never wanna die“ has been released by Austrian label Napalm Records and should offer new opportunities to show u in Europe. We had the chance to talk to Priya about the future of DIEMONDS.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: (band) (c) by Matt Barnes / (Priya) (c) by Mike Ford

entertaim.net: „Never wanna die“ is the name of your brand new album which is released in Europe by Napalm Records and it also has been published on vinyl which must feel pretty awesome for a real Rock band, right?

Priya: Hell yeah, Rock n‘ Roll was meant to be heard on vinyl. It’s badass to have our music pressed on wax. I have a massive record collection, so it’s always nice to be able to add something of my own to the wall.

entertaim.net: By the way … do you have plans to show up in Europe and Germany to play an entire tour?

Priya: That’s always been the hope, but having our album released by Napalm in Europe makes this a very real possibility for us. We can’t wait to head over to Europe and Germany, hopefully we can see ourselves there in the early part of 2016.

entertaim.net: You did the video „Ain’t that kind of girl“. Did you do the video in Vegas? How much fun is it producing videos?

Priya: The video for „Ain’t That Kinda Girl“ was shot in Vegas. You’re right. Making videos was fun, and in a way, this was one of my favourite ones to make. I loved singing at the top of my lungs in public places and not worrying about a storyline or anything like that. I just got to let loose. It was just done renegade style, with C.C. behind the camera for the first time. It was a blast!

entertaim.net: The last interview we had 3 years ago …. in the meantime you released two albums and you’re climbing up the stairs to become more and more successful. Playing bigger festivals is definitely a key to grow. Will you play bigger festivals next year?

Priya: I hope so! We’d love to do the American and European festival circuit next year. Some of the best shows we’ve played have been at festivals like Heavy MTL, Seattle Hempfest and Rocklahoma so of course we’d love more.

entertaim.net: How important are videos for you?

Priya: They are important but not nearly as important as the song. In the MTV age, a video could make a song a hit, but now we do it for fun and because it’s a Rock n‘ Roll tradition. It gives us another outlet to both be creative and spread the music around in a different way.

entertaim.net: Do you have a Top-5 list of favorite Rock/Metal-videos?

Priya: I’m just going to pick five that I like at random. 1) VAIN – Beat the Bullet , 2) RATT – Wanted Man , 3) KISS – X in Sex , 4) Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet , 5)
Spread Eagle – Switchblade Serenade

entertaim.net: Which band you’d really like to support?

Priya: Guns’n‘ Roses reunion, KISS, Buckcherry, Volbeat, SLASH, Dead Lord, Halestorm, tons. I love Rock n‘ Roll !

entertaim.net: When you’re on tour, crossing from venue to venue – sound checks, interviews etc. – how do you keep yourself in a perfect shape?

Priya: Staying organized makes you feel less stressed so that’s my main goal. I like to go thrifting if I can and have time alone before I hit the stage. I drink tea, not coffee, though I miss it, and take my vitamins when I can remember! It used to be I would wake up so hungover I could barely move but I’ve grown up a bit and I try to go for runs if I can instead to keep my energy flowing all day.

entertaim.net: Priya, thank you very much!

Priya: My pleasure ….

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