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Being the oldest daughter of Robert Gray who played along side Nick Gilder in the band „Sweeney Todd“ and niece of , most noted for his discovery and mentoring of Michael Jackson – The King of Pop, singer Carsen Gray comes by her love for music naturally and started traveling and performing with her uncle Bobby Taylor at age eleven. Carsen was discovered by a Vancouver-L.A based acing agency at one of her performances, where she was given her first movie audition and landed the roll as „Tiger Lily“ in the 2003 Hollywood blockbuster Peter Pan.
Most recently, Carsen has released her debut EP „11:11“ as well as the music video for the lead single „Supernatural“. We talked to her about the music, current and future projects …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Carsen Gray (c) Anastasia Sugar-SugarShark Productions

———————————————————————————————————- You just released your video „Supernatural“. Are more videos in progress?

Carsen: Yes. I finished filming the music video for my second single „Return Again“ a few months back. Planning for that release in the next month for two. It’s a total EDM song featuring „Red Rockerz“ they’re a First Nations DJ group from Quebec. How would you describe yourself? Are you more singer/dancer or DJ?

Carsen: Definitely singer. I started singing at a very young age. I love dance too … always been into the arts since I was a little girl. How hard is it in the EDM-Scene to get attention?

Carsen: It’s tough. There’s lots of competition as there’s a million girls out there who might look or have a similar sound to yours. A lot of people out there chasing the same dream. You have to work hard and find what really makes you unique … and run with that. What are your projects in the near future? Further releases?

Carsen: I’m currently working on some new songs for a future album with a completely different feel. I grew up singing RnB/Soul music so I’m kind of going back to my roots for my next project. My EP „11:11“, I released recently, was a bit of an experiment. I’ve always enjoyed pop-dance music, so I thought I’d give it a go. My next work I put out could be a shock for some, very different compared to this project. I like that picture on your Facebook posing in front of the limousine (title picture) …. do you like glam and stuff like this?

Carsen: I can’t recall which photo that is (laughing). But yes, I do enjoy glam. I’ve always loved getting dolled up, I love shoes, make up and nice clothes .. like most girls (laughing) Girls need to be girls …

Carsen: Exactly! What would be the biggest musical challenge for you at the moment?

Carsen: At this moment, it’s finding myself and the person I want to show my audience. I literally can sing almost any genre comfortably.. So right now it’s a matter of just digging deep and finding the true artist in me. I want to make music in the future that inspires people. I feel like as an artist it’s our job to enlighten our listeners. Music is very powerful. Definitely! Thank you very much and good luck ….

Carsen: You’re welcome … thank you, Dennis.

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