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SHOTGUN RODEO have just released the brandnew album „World Wide Genocide“ which is definitely different from what you expect thinking about Metal from Norway … We talked to guitarist Don Shrediablo about the mad gone world, the new album and future plans …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of PrescriptionPR & Shotgun Rodeo You’ve got a brand new album called “World Wide Genocide“ which is definitely a really dark title but that fits to these days regarding terror attacks, war, struggles and a worldwide madness. Are you personally concerned about what’s going on right now?

Don: Yes, that’s pretty much the world we live in today. The title is a line from our song „The Silver Tongued Devils“ which is about warmongering politicians and how they imprison the minds of people. It just fit the artwork perfectly and it is a catchy album name. Of course we are concerned with what’s going on in the world today and it just keeps getting crazier by the minute. A lot of our songs have that lyrical theme, but we always try to have a positive message in our songs. No matter how dark things get you can’t lose hope kind of lyrics. Let’s get to the music … musically you’re definitely inspired by bands like Pantera and stuff … Norway is more famous for Black Metal, how big is your domestic fanbase?

Don: Yeah, Pantera is definitely an inspiration for us musically and in many other ways as well. The Heavy Metal landscape in 2015 is a lot like when Pantera had their breakthrough in the early 90’s really. At that time metal music had become redundant and now it’s almost like that today as well as every Metal band sounds the same. So we are trying to do something a little bit different kind of like Pantera did in the early 90’s. The Black Metal scene here seems to have dwindled a bit the last couple of years, yet everyone presumes we’re a Black Metal band when we say that we’re from Norway. It’s kind of the stereotypical thing, but the genre has never been much of an influence for Shotgun Rodeo. As for our fanbase … It’s a work in progress you know, but I think we have garnered a lot of traction lately. We’ve always gotten great feedback on what we have been doing and people have been interested, but we’ve never had that release that was so rock solid that people can’t deny you (until now?). So hopefully this album will be the turning point where we get a lot of people’s attention! Do you already have tour plans for the UK or even Germany?

Don: Not yet, but we will definitely try to get some shows abroad next year. It would be killer to play in the UK and Germany, so we have our fingers crossed that it will happen soon! What are your plans for promoting your album next year? Are there any festivals booked?

Don: We have got a music video in the works right now and we might be looking to shoot another one early next year. Not a lot of plans have been laid for next year yet, but we have been in talks with some people for some interesting opportunities. So hopefully we’ll have some kickass announcements next year! Is there an ultimate band you’d like to support live on stage?

Don: Ah, there’s so many to choose from! But if I have to choose an ultimate band that would have to be Judas Priest as they have always been my favorite metal band. They sounded out of this world good when I saw them at Wacken Open Air earlier this year, so the Priest can still go even though some of them are soon in their 70’s! Please tell me more about the videos which are in progress?

Don: We have just shot a music video for ‚Among Wolves‘ that should be out soon. It’s just us jamming around and having fun at our rehearsal space. So, no big Hollywood productions for us yet, we can only afford the low budget/no budget style as of now! We have the best script ever written for a possible ‚Saving Myself‘ music video though. So fortunately that will see the light of day next year, but we shall see! Thanks so far and good luck.

Don: Thanks for the interview, cheers!