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WOW … simply WOW. I expected to see Fozzy live on stage supported by Nonpoint … but I did not know about a second support band named SUMO CYCO from Canada … and singer Skye Sweetnam and her three guys delivered an extraordinary live performance with a full power mixture between Metal, Punk, Ska and Dance. Yeah … what a blast … so I had to schedule this interview to get more information and I talked to Skye about videos, this tour and new plans for 2016.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Sumo Cyco (c) by Andre Techert Hi Skye … you did a great performance in Cologne supporting Nonpoint and Fozzy. Is this the first time in germany and how was the feedback so far?

Skye Sweetnam: It’s been fantastic. We have had so much fun and the crowds have been more than receptive to our performance. We are really excited about how many new fans come buy MERCH and CDs from us every night. You have one album out named „Lost in Cyco City“ which is an interesting mix between Metal, possibly Ska and Dance-Elements … but really heavy. What kind of music do you personally like more … Metal or Dance?

Skye: Our band is what it is because of the fact that we all listen to a wide range of music genres. We don’t necessarily identify with one genre, we like playing with all types of bands. How hard is it to organize a tour when your kind of a newcomer in Europe?

Skye: We have been lucky enough to have been asked to join the bill with Nonpoint and Fozzy through our mutual agency in Europe. Half the work of touring is booking an organizing the shows, which has been taken care of. We travel just the four of us, so we have to drive ourselves, tour manage, sell merch etc. It’s a challenge at times but we’re used to it. We’re just excited to be over here in Europe with great crowds to play for. Your working on a new album, right? Do you already have plans to enter the studio yet?

Skye: Yes. We have a PledgeMusic campaign at for our second album. Our fans and friends have helped us exceed our funding goal, so we’re very excited to get into the studio and record. We will complete this tour, take a few weeks break in December and get down to writing in Jan/Feb. This means we’ll probably be recording in March. You did lots of videos long before you released your debut album such as really awesome and professional videos like „Interceptor“ which is like a short movie. Why are some of these video songs not on the album?

Skye: When we started this band, we knew we had to get some material online to introduce ourselves to the world. Matt „MD13“ from the band and myself are big into film making so we wanted to make music videos for every song we released. We thought it would be cool just to release singles with accompanying music videos every few months. We never really wanted to do an album until our fans started asking us when it was going to be released. So when we made our record we wanted all the songs to be brand new and for all the videos on the album to run together to make one continuous story line. I think you guys love making videos? 🙂

Skye: (laughing) You would be right about that! Why is Cyco City a great place to be?

Skye: Because anything goes! It’s basically our alternate universe where we can be free to create without any boundaries. Everyone is welcome! Thank you very much … my pleasure …

Skye: Thanks again Dennis!

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