Cologne, November 22nd. Supporting FOZZY at the Essikfabrik, a location where Eagles of Death Metal should have played a show a couple of days before, I met Nonpoint lead singer Elias Soriano right before the show to talk about the terror of Paris, the current tour and the plans for 2016.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Oktober Promotion Hi Elias, nice to meet you. Well, Eagles of Death Metal should have played right here but then this terrible terror attacks in Paris happened. How do you feel right now. Are you more concerned?

Elias Soriano: We were when it happened but not so much right now. Everyone’s on high alert. We are one group and make sure that there’s nobody suspicious around. You have to make a decision between going home or going on with touring and we’re not going home right now. I just read that Five Finger Death Punch had to cancel the show in Milan cause of a terror suspicion ….

E.S.: Yeah, that’s a different story. We would also cancel the show then to make sure that nobody will get hurt! Safety first! That’s really a fucked up situation. For us it’s the first real tour in Europe. We already played some festivals but no entire European tour. It’s really sad what’s going on these days. How’s the tour so far?

E.S.: It has been great so far playing with Fozzy, meeting new people, new faces, everything’s alright! You don’t have a new album out … so is it still a good timing for a tour? The next album will be released next year?

E.S.: We’ll start recording next February and the release will be next July. It’s always a good time to play live. I’ve been doing this for years (laughing) … touring, writing new songs … it’s always fun. I saw your video „Breaking skin“ which is pretty cool … the combination between performing and a real story …

E.S.: … I really like doing videos expecially with great directors and stories behind the videos. Regarding this video I told the director the story behind the song and he wrote the plot for the video. Videos are really important tools right now that people get a taste of bands. Have you ever thought about acting in a movie?

E.S.: That’ll be awesome! I’d wish … but then I need a character with my hair (laughing) … maybe a gangster … (laughing)

E.S.: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’ll be cool! You did a Phil Collins cover on the Miami Vice soundtrack … are there any further appearences on soundtracks … maybe in the near future?

E.S.: Yes, we’ll be on the next „Alice in Wonderland“ movie with Johnny Depp, there’ll be one of our songs on that soundtrack. Great! The next album will be released by Spinefarm Records … it’s the first time, isn’t it?

E.S.: Oh yeah and it’s totally great. Great and hungry staff who does alot for us, this really feels good! It’s definitely a blessing. Do you have any limits by your label regarding the songwriting for your new album?

E.S.: Not at all, we had problems like this years before … that was one of the reasons why we left the last record company! When I write new songs I have to live with them for the rest of my life and so it’s important that we like the songs, that’s it. It’s a lifetime representation. We are who we are! We sound like Nonpoint and if somebody expect us to sound like Nickelback, that doesn’t work … (laughing) (laughing)

E.S.: We’re totally fine right now … we had never different songwriters from outside, we’re Nonpoint. Will your next album be available on vinyl?

E.S.: YESSS! That was part of the deal. I love collecting vinyl and we’re really proud! Thank you very much … was a pleasure talking to you. Good luck for 2016 and this tour!

E.S.: Thank you, Dennis and enjoy the show …