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Miami. A brand new start for Paradise Rodriguez after a terrible accident … 2015 was the year of the re-start with dancing, shootings and acting in the German movie „Eyowa“ … right now Paradise is ready for 2016 with lots of interesting projects …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo (top) by courtesy of Paradise Rodriguez (c) by Kenny Roland / photo below by Dennis Rowehl Hi Paradise ….the last interview we talked about your sudden and terrible accident and other setbacks. Nevertheless you never surrendered and you started lots of new projects and also appeared in the German underground movie „Eyowa“. How do you feel right now?

Paradise: Honestly Dennis, I feel empowered and unstoppable. This has been such a Topsy Turvy year, but an incredible one. I’ve gain so much strength from this journey and I am using it to fuel my next adventures. I started from a lost little girl, trying to find her place. I grew into a young woman who had an idea, but was still searching for that missing link or thing. I blossomed into this woman I am now that 100% knows who she is and what she wants. It didn’t take too long for me to figure out there everything was right in front of me, I just needed to reach out and grab it. And so I have. In short, Dennis, I am happy. Awesome! If I’m correct you’re the brand new face of an energy drink. Can you tell us more?

Paradise: Yes I am a face of MSP (Maximum Strength Performance) Energy Drink. As you know with my health, energy drinks have always been OFF LIMITS for me. They made my heart spatz out and I’d have very bad jitters. The issue is all the extra caffeine and sugars companies put into their „drinks“. When MSP and I found each other I immediately went searching for the ingredients and nutritional facts. They caught my attention when I read that MSP contains all of your important vitamin B complex . B6 and B12 are the two most responsible for your natural energy. Not long after I took a chance and tried the Sugar-Free MSP Energy Drink and I was very impressed. No crash, no jitters, no spatzing heart and it actually tasted great. Of course I urged my friends to try the other 6 flavors and they too experienced the same amazement as I did. I knew then I could stand by this product and the company asked me to be a Brand Ambassador to which I said „yes“. My goal now is to have MSP Energy Drink replace all that other toxic nonsense on the shelves. If you need a boost, make it a healthy one. It also helps that it also serves as a great liquor mixer for the bar scene as well and for those who do not drink but enjoy going out, they now have something tasty and healthy to drink. What are your next projects?

Paradise: I have quite a lot coming up. I just came back from Punta Cana with the I.B.M.S. I am , this week, headed to Los Angeles for a few shoots then off to Auckland, New Zealand to do some work with Triple Rock Vodka and Sydney, Australia for 3 weeks . After which I will be making my way to Paris for Fashion Week and while in Europe I will be launching my European Tour. Then I shall track back to the US for an event with the I.B.M.S in Las Vegas. so you also plan to come over to Germany and Europe … kinda vacation but also business? What’s in progress so far?

Paradise: Yes, I will be coming over for an extensive 3.5 week tour. My locations consist of Paris, Dublin, London, Nottingham, Amsterdam, Cologne, Barcelona, Milan, Florence and Rome. I will be working on several projects while traveling, music videos, shoots, commercials and picking up new brands to be an Ambassador for. It will be quite the adventure and of course I will squeeze in some R&R while abroad. I am most looking forward to the experience with the different cultures and the languages. Miami is definitely your favorite city? What do you like most?

Paradise: What I love most about Miami is the liveliness of the Latin Community. While it’s certainly not Puerto Rico or Barcelona, it’s the closest one can get without leaving the states. Having being born in Detroit, I never had the opportunity to experience the Hispanic side of my heritage so when I began connecting with other distant family members it sort of opened up a new world for me and Miami gave me the opportunity to learn until I could travel abroad. Miami also has so many other cultures living in its city, its very exciting for me to meet so many different people. It was the beginning to my wanderlust. Do you have a special diet or program to remain in good health right now?

Paradise: As far as „diets“, no. I don’t really stick to diets, they make me angry when I can’t have my snacks but I balance everything out. I only drink Alkaline water, I traded simple things like lettuce for spinach and kale, I include a lot of garlic in my foods and I have learned to slow down when I need too. Allowing myself rest time is viable for a healthy heart and body, something I as a workaholic often struggle with. Alright, see you in March then, what are your plans for tonight?

Paradise: Indeed you will!  As far as tonight, I am driving to go see one of my most favorite bands „Saving Abel“. I have loved their music since I was 17 and I am ready to rock out! Enjoy and thank you.

Paradise: See you soon!

Paradise Rodriguez and Dennis Rowehl