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She’s a gorgeous and also successful cover model rocking Los Angeles and all the famous magazines. We talked to Jennifer Irene about her brand new projects, Helloween and the second career …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Jennifer Irene Hi Jennifer, the last time we had an interview we talked about your connection to fast cars and the „Wheels & Heels Mag“ … so, what kind of car do you drive right now? (laughing) I guess a muscle car?

Jennifer: I have two cars actually. I have a Bmw 330 cic convertible and I have a Lexus nx200t suv. I do love muscle cars but right now I’m going for a little more practical. Have you been in Germany in the meantime?

Jennifer: No, I haven’t been to Germany but I would love to! Are you inviting me? (laughing) I like German beer! Well, now you’re invited …. also for a good German beer booze …

Jennifer: (laughing) Oh, thank you! Honestly … Okay, let’s start … you’re a great singer but you focused on your modeling career and you’re absolutely successful. Is it still your dream job? Or is starting a 2nd career with singing also an option for the future? So, you’re so experienced with shootings and videos that making a music video with your own song can be something different and something special …

Jennifer: To be honest with you, I don’t really feel like I want a career in singing. I do it because I love it and I am passionate about it. But I don’t want to have to feel pressured to sing to make a living, I want to sing because I enjoy it. I love what I’m doing right now with my life. I’ve thought about doing a music video but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Perhaps that should be on my next bucket list. Modeling and acting has been a blessing for me. It’s not always easy but it definitely pays off. Seeing your work published or on television is a huge reward and it is a constant reminder of why I do it. What are your current projects? Any new publications or cover shootings as well?

Jennifer: I recently did a lot of shoots and we are waiting for the pictures to be published. I recently shot FHM Philippines, Men’s Health magazine, Geek Fantasy mag, Wheels and Heels mag, Maxim, and Kandy magazine. Today I’m doing a shoot for the black tape project (look them up). I will be covered in electrical tape.
Right now I’m working on a possible project that could involve Taran butler (smiling), I’ll keep you guys posted. You did so many different professional shootings … is there any kind of shooting you still haven’d done yet and you’d really like to realize?

Jennifer: I would love to work for project mermaids. I love mermaids! That would be idealistic to pretend to be one for a day. You also appeared in the MIAMI MAGAZINE … Miami is a great city …. the warm Atlantic Ocean, also great beaches and 99% sun guarantee. Is L.A. still the better place to be for you?

Jennifer: (laughing) Mami magazine, it’s actually a magazine from NYC. I was very surprised to have landed the cover. What’s your personal recipe for remaining in a perfect shape?

Jennifer: Thank you. I generally eat what I want but I try to eat clean when and if possible. I try to lift weights once a week and I do hot yoga about 2-3 times a week. What about celebrating Helloween? You like it and what are the best 3 Helloween dresses for a female and what’s the worst one?

Jennifer: I have been celebrating Halloween every day that week. And also my birthday!! oh yeah …. happy birthday again (laughing).

Jennifer: Thank you! I was Wonder Woman for one day, a sexy kitten for another … and the queen of hearts for Halloween day. Halloween is the one day out of the year that girls think that they can dress like sluts and get away with it. I prefer to see the costumes that are more artistic and original because you know that those costumes were harder to make. Thank you very, very much !!! … and I’ll see you in Germany …

Jennifer: Awesome (laughing).

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