Just Sam … Samantha Aubrey, she’s a natural beauty from Kansas City and definitely a cute model. We really appreciate having been able to schedule an interview with her to talk about Kansas and future projects.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, pic by coutesy of Sam Aubrey, taken from Hi Sam, how are you doing? Can you tell us about your current projects or your shootings in the near future?

S.A.: I’m doing great! Right now we are just training for Kansas City Fashion Week next spring, so Ive been focusing on my runway walk and other fun things to come with that! You’ve got some nature photos on your Facebook-site … what do you prefer? Indoor- or outdoor-shootings?

S.A.: I would say outdoor shoots. I love being in nature in general so I feel more comfortable being outside, especially the water shoots-those are the best! Did you ever shoot with spiders and snakes?

S.A.: No I did not. I am completely terrified of both so I probably wouldn’t be doing any of that any time soon! This year at the New York Fashion Week even disabled models entered the catwalk. What do you think about it?

S.A.: I think thats great! I feel like all women should be empowered regardless of shape or size or their skills. All women are beautiful in their own way and should be recognized for it! Besides … do you have intentions to work at a cat walk model or do you prefer shootings?

S.A.: I prefer shootings to catwalk because I’m not very tall, and I’m not that great on heels! Plus I’m more comfortable moving my body around to pose as to walking in front of crowds. How do you keep yourself in a great shape? Do you have a special diet or gym?

S.A.: I used to work out more than I do now, but I am more about just eating healthy and feeling good in general, so I really try to watch my diet! Thank you very much …

S.A.: You’re welcome …