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Playboy, TheChive, MTV … whatever … California bombshell Paris Dylan is an internet superstar enchanting her fans simply by being awesome, natural and mega-attractive. She became a popular instagram hottie and she’s still getting over 1000 new followers daily. We got the chance to talk to stunning Paris about music, super heroes, current projects and hot dresses …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / photos by courtesy of Paris Dylan – (c) by mMason Photography Hi Paris … you’re a 60’s music lover … especially Bob Dylan, if I’m correct. I saw the picture of you and Robby Krieger partying in L.A. … how inspiring are the DOORS for you?

Paris: Yes! Robby was such a sweetie. I love the Doors. I have done ‚Jim Morrison‘ inspired photoshoots. „LA Woman“ is my favorite Doors song. You’re a really popular and successful model and you’ve got lots of followers in social networks. How important is instagram for you?

Paris: Honestly … Instagram is super important. I’m getting lots of followers every day and I really love all my fans and interacting with them. You really seem to love the character of Wonder Woman! Are you also a female super hero?

Paris: Yeah, anytime Adam Sandler needs me to come to his rescue all he has to do is shine the PD light in the sky! By the way … who’s even cooler? Batman or Superman?

Paris: (laughing) Batman is muuuuuchhh more cooler and waaaay sexy 😍 Can you tell us more about your current projects and shootings in the near future?

Paris: I plan to do an underwater shoot very soon which will be interesting. And I have a couple more awesome things coming up …. I cannot tell right now but stay tuned (laughing). There are lots of gorgeous bikini pictures of you on your websites … what’s the biggest advantage of living in California …. apart from the beaches?

Paris: Apart from the beaches … well, the biggest advantage would be I’m close to everything! Whether it’s mountains, desert, city, snow… I’m by it all. Let’s get back to music. Do you play an instrument or would you like to sing in a 60’s band?

Paris: Unfortunately I don’t play any instruments but I would love to sing in a sixties band … I would love to be Michelle Phillips (The Mamas & the Papas). 😍 Finally … do you have a personal Top-3 -list of your favorite adorable Saturday Night outfits?

Paris: Ha, good question …. well, 1) My new red dress and nice heels 2) A crop top with my tights and some cute wedges … and 3) Sexy romper (smiling) Paris, thank you very much … and let’s schedule a new interview about your secret projects for the near future …

Paris: (laughing) Sure … and you’re welcome …

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