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She’s a Monster-Girl but not really 🙂 … stunning Nicole Dowling from Perth, Australia, already won lots of beauty competitions and she’s still alive and kicking and … busy. She talked about new projects, shootings and the Monster-Girl …

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Nicole Dowling Hi Nicole. How are you? If I’m not wrong you still live in Perth – Australia – a big city, but far away from the rest of the world. Is this an advantage or not?

Nicole: I’m good, thank you. (smiling) I do live in Perth, I’ve been here for three years after moving from a small country town. Living in Perth can be limiting as it is a bit isolated from the rest of the world, we do have a few opportunities here but if you really want to make it you do have to move to the East Coast or overseas. I would move if the opportunity presented itself but for now I’m staying. I would love to travel and do modeling, fashion shows, VIP hostess, party promotions etc., so I always keep an eye out for opportunities! By the way … what kind of shoots do you like most? Fashion or bikini shootings?

Nicole: I don’t really have a preference, I seem to always end up doing glamour style shoots, so I guess they’re my strong style. But I would love to do more fashion and I love artistic things! I would love to do a cute horse shoot out on an old farm with an old farm house. Sounds good … you’re also a Monster-Girl on events. I think this can definitely be very exhausting … but is it still fun?

Nicole: I guess it can be exhausting when you actually stop at the end of the day but I LOVE being a Monster Girl, while you’re doing events there’s usually so much going on I’m like a kid in a candy store wanting to see every corner of the event and talk to as many people as I can so you don’t really feel tired until you actually get home and take your shoes off (laughing). What are your projects in the near future? Any magazine shoots as well?

Nicole: Just focusing on Monster Energy and gaining more promotional work as I love it so much! I love being out in the field in amongst all the fun! I would love to one day be a presenter! Not much lined up at the moment I’m just taking things as they come but would love to get in a few magazines very soon. Do you have a favorite location? Maybe a special beach or the outbacks?

Nicole: I love anything racing, so race car tracks, motocross dirt tracks etc! I’m my happiest when watching or participating in competitive fast paced events. What kind of shoots you’d really like to do? Maybe while bunji jumping in New Zealand?

Nicole: I’m actually scared of heights so I don’t think I could do that! (laughing) But hey … I would give it a go if I had a buddy to help me through it! I would love to do a shoot in the snow, I think that would be amazing! Do you have a Top-3 list of your favorite dresses to enchant manhood ?

Nicole: )laughing) Good question … well I guess you would have to ask the guys! I like anything from tight fitted bandage dresses to free flowing girly dresses, I like to wear a variety of styles so I don’t really have favourites Thank you very much ! And good luck !
Nicole: Thank you … you’re welcome, Dennis.
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