Urška Bračko / Interview with Miss Universe Slovenia 2015

Urška Bračko on entertaim.net

Let’s introduce Urška Bračko, stunning model and current Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 … we talked about the competition itself and new advantages …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Kaly Kolonic & http://www.ekskluzivno.si , by Borut Midlil

entertaim.net: You’re Miss Universe Slovenije 2015 aka Miss Universe Slovenia 2015. What exactly does this mean do you or how does this feel?

Urška Bračko: It feels amazing. It’s like when a pupa gets wings and changes in to the butterfly, so at first you are random girl and then winning spread you all over the world, so then you are the representer of the mother country, in my case Slovenia. It is really a good feeling, when you are spreading the vibes of this beautiful small country to the people who don’t know nothing about it.

entertaim.net: Did your life change?

Urška Bračko: Yes, definitely. I saw totally different world, met people who I would be otherwise looking just through TV screens and I got some new opportunities I would never imagine. That’s great!

entertaim.net: What was the reason or inspiration for having taken part at this huge competition?

Urška Bračko: I always liked modeling and I took the part in the Miss Universe competition because I wanted to do something from myself in a way I like to do. Being a part of world pageant was really the cherry on the top of whipped cream because I did not imagine something like this can happen to me.

entertaim.net: What are the next steps in your career?

Urška Bračko: I will stay in modeling, but meanwhile I will finish my Media and communication study and also more engage in this field.

entertaim.net: Do you have any international offers for shootings or commercials yet?

Urška Bračko: I have them here and there, but nowadays you must be very carefull in what are you getting into.

entertaim.net: What was the best part of the Miss Universe competition?

Urška Bračko: The biggest award for me was definitelly world pageant in Miami because it was my wish for many years to go to across the ocean and see the life there. I experienced their celebrity style and how American people perceive misses in totally different way. I also met the girls from all over the world and see their different cultures.That’s very amazing.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much … and good luck especially in Miami …

Urška Bračko: (laughing) You’re welcome, Dennis.

Urška Bračko and Dennis Rowehl