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Marielle Tengström from Sweden is not just the head of the band REBEL MISTRESS, she also uses her talents to design and manufacture unique Rock style jwelry. We talked about her new business, her collections and marketing.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by coutesy of Marielle Tegström, (c) by Carl of Sweden Hi Marielle, the last time we talked about Rebel Mistress … now it’s time to talk about the designer Marielle Tengström and „marielle designs“. So you’re a real goldsmith, correct? When did you start to realize your idea?

Marielle Tengström: Yes exactly! I’m glad you’re lifting this up because my design interest is also a big part of my life. I’m not a goldsmith actually, not yet anyway. I’m focusing on soldered picture pendants/frames. I design pictures that I put in small glass pieces on both sides and then I solder a frame of tin around it, and maybe solder some studs or rhinestones on to it. Then I create variation with different charms, gemstones, studs, chains and so on. I also have a lot of macrame in my designs. And everything has a Rock n‘ Roll touch! I’ve always been very crafty and I just needed my niche to dare to take the step to start a company. It was my moms idea with the picture frames actually. Unfortunately your official website is just in Swedish … does this mean that you only produce for the Swedish market as well?

M.T.: The next step is absolutely to make the site more international! I’m working on translating everything to english but it’s not ready yet … unfortunately. So right now my customers are mainly swedish, and some from the other scandinavian countries. Do you have a world wide distribution in mind yet?

M.T.: It’s on my long to-do list (laughing)! Do manufacture valuable jewelry … so everything is unique and do you design every every piece yourself?

M.T.: Everything that is labeled with my name is all designed and handmade by me. So that means I’m even more proud when I see people wearing my creations! The thing that I’m most proud of is my two fingerrings I came up with, or doublerings, with the big 4×3 cm frame over two fingers. You can’t find them anywhere in the world but here. But I also have a category named „Other Brands“ where I sell some imported jewelry and accessories that I like. Who belongs to your customers and target group?

M.T.: My costumers are girls and women from 15 to 50 years old. And sometimes even an old lady buys a skull necklace (laughing)! What they do all have in common is that they dare to wear something different. Cause it doesn’t look like what you find on H&M and it doesn’t cost 5 dollars for a bracelet, even if I wish it could. I’m not trying to copy someone else and that’s what I think people like. But I also have a category called Men’s Corner with some cool pieces. A lot of guys really appreciate it and I know how hard it is to find good men’s jewelry. In this spring my first line of jewelry for men will be released and I’m really looking forward to that! As a rock singer and stunning young lady you’ve got the advantage to present your collections as a model yourself … how much fun is this?

M.T.: It’s really fun to be in front of the camera! So sometimes I model myself, like in my upcoming line that will be released next week, and sometimes I have a model. When I don’t model myself I get a better over all look and can focus on if everything is the way I want it and so on. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything when you’re also modeling. Besides … have you ever thought about working as a model for different fashion labels as well?

M.T.: I’ve done some jobs for fashion stores and I’m doing a job this autumn for a big rock shop here in Sweden that I’m really looking forward to! But I’m pretty short so I don’t put to much energy in the whole modeling thing. It’s just a hobby! If I’d like to by some jewelry from Germany, what do I have to do? Do you already have some connections to German or international exclusive stores yet?

M.T.: I ship worldwide already, the problem is just that it’s not in English yet. My retailers are all in Sweden. It’s cool that stores come to me and wants to sell my jewelry, but the webshop is my priority. It’s hard to make a profit when you have to split it with a second business. Marielle, hank you very much and good luck with the international distribution soon.

M.T.: Thank you, Dennis …

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