Rachel Lee on entertaim.nt

Let’s introduce Rachael Lee from Kansas City. The gorgeous model about shootings, advantages and future projects …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photo by courtesy of Rachael Lee, (c) by Poised Imagery

entertaim.net: Hi Racheal, you’re from Kansas City. What’s the biggest advantage right there? Or do you have intentions to move over to NY City, Miami or even Los Angeles?

Rachael Lee: I was born and raised in the area. So I have family ties here, which is very important to me. It is pretty central to the country with a lot of cool places in and around the area. There is a great local airport here where I can fly wherever I need. I will probably stay in the area, but definitely visit other places.

entertaim.net: When did you start modeling and what was the special reason?

Rachael Lee: Just some friends encouraged me to do so about 4 years ago, so I got into it a little, not taking it too seriously, but then I met my manager, Maverick Bolen, and became one of his models. He treats me great and love working with him.

entertaim.net: You’ve got really awesome pictures … what’s the best part of being a model … for you?

Rachael Lee: The experience of doing things I normally wouldn’t do, getting to dress in ways I never thought of being dressed, and just experiencing different places from the various perspectives of the photographers I work with.

entertaim.net: You’ve already been „Model of the day“, „Model of the week“ … when are you gonna be „Model of the year“?

Rachael Lee: (laughing) Something I would hope to obtain, but right now, that seems so far off.

entertaim.net: What are your projects for the near future?

Rachael Lee: Just keep doing shoots. There are some pretty cool upcoming concepts that we are developing, so I get to really find out, people will have to follow my page.

entertaim.net: What kind of shooting you’d really love to do? Maybe something dangerous?

Rachael Lee: I really like the high fashion, then again I think every girl dreams of that to some extent at some point in their lives.

entertaim.net: Well, we’re also a music magazine. Do you also play an instrument or sind in a band?

Rachael Lee: No, ,unfortunately I don’t, but I do attend plenty of concerts and performances, and definitely support local and unsigned artists.

entertaim.net: Do you have any intentions to act in a movie or commercial yet?

Rachael Lee: Options have been presented to me several times about acting, even if it was just an extra, and right now, no, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future.

entertaim.net: Thank you very, very much.

Rachael Lee: Dennis, you’re welcome …