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Metal ain’t dead, Metal is still around, even in Miami, the city of Salsa and Gloria Estefan … EDM and DJs are dominating the American music market but Metal and even what we used to call Nu Metal is still in the underground. We talked to Rick Perez, vocalist WICKED PLAYGROUND, about American Metal, Tampa, current and future projects.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl, picture by courtesy of Desdemona Catherine & Wicked Playground, (c) by Ricardo Luis Trevino

entertaim.net: You’re a Nu Metal band from Miami. Well, Miami is not really a Metal City … how hard is it to play shows and to get attention right there? Have you ever thought about moving to Tampa Bay?

Rick: It has been pretty hard because the New Metal scene has not exactly been what it used to be like back in the 90s and stuff for a lot of popular bands like Korn, Manson, Deftones etc. We’re really big at that time and that’s when the scene was really growing but as the years have gone by it has died down and so have all the venues around here that really play Metal or have hosted Metal shows a Metal bands. The Nu Metal sound has gotten really lost over the years just because of the New-Wave music that’s been coming up and all and Tampa Bay would probably be a step up from the music scene down here we haven’t really been up there to experience it ourselves but from what we hear it would definitely be a good direction to go in as far as developing within the music scene.

entertaim.net: Back in the 80s and also at the beginning of the 21st century when Nu Metal was invented Metal has been huge in the US. Now the marked has changed, Hip Hop, EDM and DJs have taken over … do you still believe in American Metal?

Rick: Despite the fact that a lot of the EDM and DJs and electronic music has been dominating the market lately we still see that it’s evident that Metal bands are still around and Metal bands are still playing and putting out albums as well as performing. We just recently had Marilyn Manson, Deftones and Slipknot come down by our area along with Smashing Pumpkins. You know the Metal bands are still around ESP. If they’re still performing all the time and even in the upcoming months we have bands like Korn which is one of our biggest influences, will be performing locally so American Metal still is definitely there and because we see this stuff is still happening we really believe that Metal music still has a chance in America.

entertaim.net:  What about new releases?

Rick: We actually just released an album not too long ago in mid June and it’s up on iTunes, Amazon, and all the different music marketing on the sites and it’s available for $10.

entertaim.net: Have you ever thought about coming to Europe and combine vacation with playing shows?

Rick: Hell ya! Playing in Europe has always been a dream for all of us and we would really love to come out there. We know that we have some people who hit us up on Facebook who always interested in hearing more music and wanting to know when we’re going to come by. So I definitely think it’s going to be a great idea at one point soon. Hopefully sooner than later and we can do some shows up there.

entertaim.net: You just released your single and video „Halo“. How important are videos to get more attention?

Rick: Music videos are really important for bands to show their faces to show their image to their listeners and it also gives their listeners an idea outside a bit of behind the music. For a while we were just a three-piece band but now with the fourth member Ryan Vega Well have the full band in the next music video for song „Your kisses a bullet.“ That way our fans can really get a look at the members of the bands and put a face to the music.

entertaim.net: By the way … who’s the model/actress in your video?

Rick: The model in the video is Mayte Arce. She was super fun to work with and she was great on the camera and works very well with the band members. If you want to check out more photos of her you can always look her up on Instagram which will put right at the end of this answer … @Maytearce23

entertaim.net: Which is the next step for Wicked Playground?

Rick: The next big step for Wicked Playground is to promote the hell out of our album and to grow our following to a much larger scale. We will also be playing a lot of shows towards the end of the year and hopefully have a really good line-up of shows in 2016.

entertaim.net:  Thank you very much & Good luck

Rick: Thanks so much …


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